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Media statement on US withdrawing funding to UNFPA

Wednesday 05 April 2017 MSI Reproductive Choices Contraception, Press release USA

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The United States has announced it is withdrawing funding, totalling more than $30 million, for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

The UNFPA promotes family planning in more than 150 countries, but the US state department has claimed that the organisation supports or participates in a programme of coercive abortion or involuntary sterilisation in China.

A spokesperson for Marie Stopes International said:

“This news marks a setback not just for UNFPA and organisations working in family planning, but for the international community’s shared commitment to women's rights and delivery of the Sustainable Development Goals.

"By withdrawing its funding commitments to UNFPA, the US Government is consciously turning its back on millions of women and girls in developing countries, exposing them to unintended pregnancy, unsafe abortion, and early, preventable death."

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