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Because every woman has the right to determine her own future.

Every day, our teams around the world meet thousands of women. At MSI, our mission is to ensure every single one of them has the knowledge, tools and power to build the life they want.

Around the world today, 32 million women are using contraception provided by us. That is 32 million women who can finish their education, learn a new trade, start their own business or take care of their family while enjoying a healthy sex life without fear of an unintended pregnancy.

In 2019, we continued to push boundaries and travelled further than ever – across mountains, over rivers, on roads less travelled – to provide high quality, safe services to women and girls, when and where they need them. This year alone, 14 million women were seen by our teams and chose a contraceptive method that fits their individual needs. That is over 38,000 women – every single day – that were enabled to continue to build the life they want.

The services we provided in 2019 resulted in:

  • 13 million unintended pregnancies averted
  • 6,5 million unsafe abortions averted
  • 34,600 maternal deaths averted

Numbers are important, and we are proud to provide the family planning services to one in five women in the countries where we work. But the numbers don’t tell the full story. Every single one of the represent a woman with her own individual wants and needs.

Everything we do, we do for her.


Our impact in numbers

Today, there are over 32 million women around the world who can continue on their chosen path knowing they are being protected from an unintended pregnancy by a contraceptive method provided by us. Our work in 2019 resulted in an estimated:

0 million
women use contraception provided by us
0 million
unintended pregnancies prevented
0 million
unsafe abortions averted
maternal deaths averted
£0 million
in additional healthcare costs saved

What we do and why we do it

We provide high quality, safe services to women, when and where they need them, because we believe that when a woman is able to decide her own future, and continue on her chosen path, she can contribute to creating a better, more sustainable future for everyone.

What we do

MSI helps women to have children by choice, not chance. We do this by providing contraception and safe abortion to women in urban and rural communities all over the world.

What we do

The challenge

A global crisis looms as millions of women are unable to access life-saving contraception and safe abortion. As the situation becomes ever more urgent, we must take strong action now.

The challenge

Where we work

Read more about the impact in each individual country where we work by browsing through the pages of our 37 country programmes.

Where we work

*We use our innovative socio-demographic mathematical model Impact 2, that allows us to estimate the impact of our work, and the wider social and economic benefits of providing access to contraception and safe abortion services.

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Empower millions of women globally to take control of their fertility and futures.

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