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Read real life stories from the women we serve and the people who make our organisation.

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Introducing MSI's 'Avon Ladies' of contraception

MSI Reproductive Choices
Contraception, Safe abortion and post abortion care
Nepal, Uganda

Not all heroes wear a cape. Sometimes they wear pale blue overalls and go from door to door carrying a blue briefcase.

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Meet the women who defied Trump’s Global Gag Rule

MSI Reproductive Choices
Contraception, Outreach, Policy and advocacy
Madagascar, Zimbabwe

Read about the incredible women who refused to back down and continued to stand strong for the people who depended on them, despite the threat the Global Gag Rule posed to their communities.

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Delivering for every woman

Outreach, Fragile states, Humanitarian situations

“I am tired, the suffering is too much. There is peace here, but no money.”

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When she decides...

MSI Reproductive Choices
Safe abortion and post abortion care, Outreach
Ghana, Nepal, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zambia

The world is better, stronger and safer. In this story, we highlight some of the incredibly strong women we have met, whose stories linger with us.

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