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MSI team member leading group education session in Zambia

Learn about things that matter

Learn about things that matter

Ever wondered what SRHR means? Or how abortion is linked to women's rights? Get your answer here.

Women's right to abortion care

What makes abortion a right worth fighting for? And what are the barriers we need to tackle to make safe abortion services a reality for everyone?

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Aerial photograph of MSI speedboat reaching the shores of island with houses

Fighting the climate crisis through reproductive choice

Globally, the communities that contribute least to the climate crisis are suffering the most. Read more about how protecting reproductive access can build resilience and help fight the climate crisis.

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Building a more equal world

Reproductive choice is the foundation upon which equality is based. Learn more about how reproductive choice enables women and girls to achieve their full potential.

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Protect women's futures

Reproductive choice keeps girls in school, supports women to lead, and helps communities to thrive.