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Why choice matters

Learn more about reproductive choice and abortion

Learn why reproductive choice matters

Ever wondered what SRHR means? Or how it saves women's lives? Get your answers here.

What is sexual and reproductive health?

Find out what we mean by "sexual and reproductive health" and why we're passionate about ensuring access to sexual and reproductive healthcare for all.

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Contraception explained: options and how to access

Find out more about the contraceptive methods available and what more we can do to ensure everyone, everywhere, has access.

Contraception explained

How does reproductive choice save lives?

The ability to decide if, or when, to become pregnant can support people to pursue their own futures and save lives.

Reproductive choice saves lives

Learn more about abortion

Ever wondered how abortion links to women's rights? Or how many unsafe abortion happen each year? Get your answers here.

An introduction to global abortion rights

What makes abortion a right worth fighting for? And what are the barriers we need to tackle to make safe abortion services a reality for everyone?

More on abortion rights

Unsafe Abortion: Consequences, Facts & Statistics

This year, 35 million women will make the agonising decision to have an unsafe abortion. We can and must put an end to unsafe abortion.

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Two MSI clients hugging

Abortion safety - the facts

Abortion care is a safe and common form of healthcare. Learn the facts on abortion safety.

Abortion safety - the facts

Modern US abortion law & its impact on the world

Roe v. Wade and the Global Gag Rule are examples of US decisions that have influenced global reproductive rights. Read our explainer here.

US abortion law

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Protect women's futures

Reproductive choice keeps girls in school, supports women to lead, and helps communities to thrive.