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Every day, MSI’s frontline teams go above and beyond to make reproductive choice a reality in their communities. This work supports girls to stay in school, enables women to lead, and helps create a fairer, more equal world for all.

In 2021, in the face of disruption from COVID-19, uncertain donor funding, and an emboldened opposition, our courageous providers rose to the challenge and delivered a record year of impact, supporting more people than ever before with their sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Working across six continents, our providers face a host of different challenges, but whether delivering medical abortion in women’s homes in Nepal during another wave of the pandemic, or protecting access to life-changing contraception on the frontline of the climate crisis in Senegal, our providers are united by the desire to make reproductive choice a reality.

Our impact in 2021

In 2021, in partnership with governments, civil society organisations and implementing partners, MSI supported 19.4 million people to access healthcare across the 37 countries that we work in.

17.3 million people accessed a contraception, abortion or post-abortion care services with MSI. This means we supported 67,000 clients with reproductive choice every day. We estimate these services prevented more than 14.1 million unintended pregnancies and 6.6 million unsafe abortions, saving the lives of 39,500 women.

We are proud to be leading the way in abortion care. In 2021, 4 million clients accessed an abortion or post-abortion care service with MSI, meaning we delivered access to one in five women seeking an abortion or post-abortion care service in the countries that we work in. We reached these clients by expanding the options available, ensuring access to quality care and the ability to choose the service that best suits their needs.

Women should have the right to do what they want with their own body.
An MSI Lady who scales mountains in Nepal every day to deliver choice.

Making choice a reality for all

As well as reaching more people than ever before, in 2021, our teams around the world went the extra mile to reach millions of people often left behind by healthcare systems.

Over 70% of our contraceptive services were delivered in underserved communities, showing that equitable access can be delivered at scale. Our teams also delivered healthcare services in humanitarian settings, such as Afghanistan and Myanmar, protecting access to women’s healthcare.

Supporting the futures of women and girls

MSI’s impact goes beyond service delivery. For every student that we reached, we are proud to have supported a young person to avoid an unintended pregnancy and continue their education. For every woman we have assisted with reproductive healthcare, we are proud to have supported their bodily autonomy, so they can make the choices that are right for them, their careers and their futures.

Maureen is one of the 1.7 million adolescents we supported with reproductive choice in 2021. She accessed contraception in one of MSI Zambia’s mobile caravans that travel directly into communities to provide adolescent-friendly reproductive healthcare.

Maureen chose to access an IUD because she wanted to complete her education. “If it was not for the IUD, I might have dropped out of school due to unwanted pregnancy,” Maureen told us. “Young people have big dreams ahead of them. With contraception, they can achieve their goals.”

Young people have big dreams ahead of them. With contraception, they can achieve their goals.
an MSI client in Zambia

Investing in an equal world

Every year, we enable millions of people to make reproductive choices. Across the world, there are currently 34.3 million people using a method of contraception provided by MSI. We are hugely proud of this impact, but we know that there’s a long way to go until everyone, everywhere, has access to sexual and reproductive healthcare. Millions of people around the world want contraception but don’t yet have it, and thousands of women lose their lives every year because they lack access to safe abortion services. 

By supporting MSI in 2022, you can help us increase access and save lives. For as little as £6, we can provide someone with contraception for a year. Whether that supports a student in sub-Saharan Africa to stay in school, or a mother living in a mountainous region in Nepal to make the reproductive choice that’s right for her and her family, your contribution will have a life-changing impact. 

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In 2021, amid disruption from COVID-19, uncertain donor funding, and cuts to existing support, our courageous providers rose to the challenge and delivered a record year of impact.

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By donating £6, you can help provide a woman or young person with contraception for one year, enabling them to make reproductive choices that are best for them.

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*We use our innovative socio-demographic mathematical model Impact 2 to estimate the impact of our work, and the wider social and economic benefits of providing access to contraception and safe abortion services.

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By 2030 no abortion will be unsafe and everyone who wants access to contraception will have it.