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Everyone should have the power to choose their own future, on their terms. But around the world, millions are denied that freedom.

Join our fight for reproductive rights

Millions of women worldwide are denied reproductive choice, because they cannot access the contraception they want, or the safe abortions they need.

At MSI Reproductive Choices, we’re fighting to change that.

Working across 36 countries, we’re one of the world’s largest providers of contraception and abortion. We open doors. We break down stigma. And go further than anyone to reach those who need us.

Until every girl is respected.

Until every woman is empowered.

Until every pregnancy is wanted.

Until no-one is left behind.

Please donate today and help make choice possible around the world.

Learn about MSI Reproductive Choices

Find out more about the power of reproductive choice and the impact we could make together.

MSI employee, Damaless

Making choice possible

In 2023, MSI supported 23.3 million people with sexual and reproductive healthcare. Learn more and calculate the impact we could make together. 


Advancing gender equality

Gender equality isn’t possible without reproductive choice. Learn about how we’re supporting girls’ education and women’s empowerment with reproductive choice. 

MSI Ghana - Eden Sparke - May 2023

Supporting young people

Tomorrow’s world will be shaped by the young people of today. With reproductive choice, and access to contraception, we can help them make choices about their futures. 

Climate crisis impact

Building climate resilience

Women and girls are hardest hit by climate change. To support those on the frontline of the climate crisis to adapt and be part of finding solutions, we need to offer reproductive choice.