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    Together we can make a life-changing difference to millions of women worldwide

    We are responding to a global crisis

    Despite huge strides over the last 50 years to increase access to contraception and abortion, millions of women are still unable to take control of their bodies and their futures.

    The impact of not having access to contraception and abortion runs deep. It affects people’s opportunities to have an education or pursue a career, it affects their health, their food security, and ultimately their ability to lift themselves out of poverty. It denies them the freedom to make choices about their bodies and their futures.

    Over the last decade, awareness of sexual and reproductive health and rights — and its benefits — has increased significantly. In the same period, the number of women and girls reaching their reproductive years has grown by over 100 million, currently standing at more than 1 billion in low and middle-income countries. It’s no surprise that we’ve seen an unprecedented demand for contraception and abortion services. 

    By investing in MSI Reproductive Choices you can provide life-changing contraception and abortion services, empowering millions of women globally and driving social and economic development. 

    MSI works with trusts, foundations, and major donors to ensure that women and girls around the world can take control of their lives and their futures. In a challenging political landscape for reproductive rights and services, our philanthropic partnerships have helped us continue to reach women, girls and communities at the last mile.  

    We need to take strong, collaborative action to get more life-saving services to the people and regions who need them most. 

    Working closely together, our highly collaborative partnership will enable you to clearly see the impact of your investment on the health, lives and futures of women and girls. Please contact Kelly Counts or Sam Tiwari in our Private Philanthropy team to see how your investment can change lives.

    Help us provide life-changing contraception and abortion services, empowering millions of women globally — driving social and economic development and building a better future.

    Why partner with us?

    Get services to the people who need them most

    By channelling resources towards reproductive healthcare and providing core funding to support our country programmes over the long term, we can distribute funds to the places with the highest need. 

    Make your funding go further

    With more core funding, we can respond to evolving or emerging needs across the 36 countries we operate in. We responsibly invest your donation into projects and activities related to our core mission, supporting the delivery of contraception and abortion. We also focus on long-term strategy and effectiveness, rather than incremental, project-based outputs, and scale up innovations that work in some of the most difficult places to reach. In short, we maximise how far every single dollar of your funding goes, to expand access to this life-changing healthcare.

    Learn about your impact

    You’ll want to keep abreast of the impact of your investments, so we routinely share our joint results and achievements. We’ll invite you to learn more about our work at our annual donor meetings, and share successes and details around the impact of your individual investment.

    Invest wisely and sustainably

    Investing in contraception and abortion is an opportunity for you to have a deep, lasting impact on the lives of millions of women and communities all over the world. It’s known as an international development “best-buy”. By helping to address one of the root causes of poverty —high fertility and large families — you can have a positive ripple effect on other socio-economic issues, from health to human rights, from poverty to sanitation.

    Learn more about MSI and how to make choice possible

    There are a number of ways you can support women and girls, such as through leaving MSI a gift in your will, or by making a donation right now.

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    Making choice possible

    Last year, MSI supported 23.3 million people with sexual and reproductive healthcare.  Read frontline stories from those who made this possible in our annual review.  

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    Donate to make choice possible

    Last year we supported more that 93,000 people with their reproductive choices every day. Donate to support women and girls to have control over their bodies and futures.

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    Leave a legacy

    By leaving a gift to MSI in your Will, you will be making a contribution that will benefit women, their families and their communities for many generations to come.

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    Partner with us

    Together, we can support young people to make choices about their bodies and their futures and help build a more gender equal world. Get in touch to discuss how.