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    We use our voice, reputation, and influence to fight for everyone to have reproductive healthcare at their fingertips.

    Advocating for reproductive rights  

    We’re proud to provide reproductive health services to more women year on year — but providing services alone will not mean that everyone across the globe can access them. 

    In every country where we work, reproductive healthcare is unnecessarily restricted because of stigma and misinformation. It’s our mission to improve access to this lifesaving and life-changing healthcare for everyone, everywhere — and advocating for change is crucial.  

    ✔️ We influence laws

    Our advocacy in the UK led to the introduction of telemedicine, meaning people can choose to have a convenient at-home abortion.  

    ️✔️ We bust stigma

    We work closely with local communities, healthcare providers, journalists and governments on attitudes towards abortion, breaking down harmful traditional norms.

    ✔️ We shape policy and decisions

    In Zambia, our advocacy led to the country’s Adolescent Health Strategy being revised to include the first measurable targets on adolescents’ use of contraception (CPR).

    ✔️ We remove barriers

    As part of our work to make reproductive healthcare free or affordable, we successfully advocated for contraception to be covered by Ghana’s national health insurance.

    Since 2016, MSI has contributed to the reform of over 92 policies that increase access to contraception and abortion services

    Standing strong against the rise of anti-choice groups 

    Opposition to reproductive rights is growing in funding, scale and sophistication. US Christian right-wing groups are pouring money (at least $280 million) into global anti-choice activity to reverse progress and spread misinformation.  

    What does this look like in practice? The harassment and intimidation of women and staff entering our clinics. Increasing verbal attacks across our social media and our online services that offer free advice and referrals for healthcare. The use of anti-choice advocacy guidebooks exported by US groups.  

    MSI’s advocacy team members aren’t distracted by this. They’re laser-focused on expanding reproductive rights across the globe and, undeniably, progress is winning. In the past couple of decades, only four countries have rolled back abortion rights while around 59 countries have expanded them.  

    Reproductive rights advocacy is led by locals   

    MSI works with and learns from grassroots, local, national and global partners to ensure women and girls are no longer denied the healthcare they have a right to.   

    We work in 36 countries, each with different cultural and legal landscapes, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. But one thing is consistent: locals are the experts.  

    MSI provides grassroots groups with financial support and technical support like sharing data and best practices for evidence-based advocacy, through mentoring, upskilling on effective communications, and helping them navigate political processes. We partner with local groups in coalitions to help drive change, putting the support of our global organisation behind them.   

    Read an opinion piece from MSI’s Regional Advocacy Advisor, Fatou Janssen, on her experience working as allies with local groups.  

    Our goal is by 2030, every country where we work will have improved access to sexual and reproductive health and rights by MSI actively influencing progress 

    We’re fighting for a pro-choice world, and we’re just getting started 

    Here’s more on MSI’s advocacy for a better future where everyone’s reproductive rights are protected, respected, and fulfilled.  


    Locals are the experts

    Read an opinion piece by a member of our advocacy team on how and why MSI partners with grassroots organisations and local communities. 

    First-hand story from India (1)

    First-hand story from India

    Learn about the Pratigya Campaign, which expanded abortion access for unmarried women in India. 

    The devine divas

    Campaign with us

    Learn how to use your platform and voice to support reproductive choice