MSI Reproductive Choices. Senegal. May 2021


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    At MSI, we offer services that support our clients throughout their reproductive lives. 

    From contraception and abortion care to safe motherhood services at our maternity centres, MSI offers a range of reproductive healthcare services globally.   

    Our teams work across 36 countries to support over 93,000 people every day to make choices about their reproductive health and futures. This includes abortion and contraception services, but also broader reproductive healthcare including maternity care, cervical cancer screening and preventative therapy, and HIV and STI testing and treatment.  

    Learn more about MSI’s services 

    Learn about MSI’s abortion care, contraceptive services and broader healthcare. 

    Abortion care

    Abortion care 

    MSI is proud to provide abortion and post-abortion care, offering a choice of medical abortion or surgical abortion methods wherever possible.



    We’re committed to expanding access to contraception, because we know it makes a lasting impact to individuals and communities around the world. 

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    Other reproductive healthcare

    Learn more about the broad range of reproductive healthcare that MSI provides to support health and wellbeing, from menstruation to menopause.