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MSI Reproductive Choices outreach in Tanzania

What we do

MSI Reproductive Choices provides contraception and safe abortion services that enable women all over the world to choose their own futures.

Access to reproductive choice can be life changing

But around the world, a lack of access to reproductive choice is holding women back. 

There are still over 218 million women and girls in low- and middle-income countries who want access to contraception but don't have it, and every year 35 million women will resort to an unsafe abortion, because they cannot access safe care. 

We’ve seen the transformational potential of reproductive choice, and the positive changes that can happen in a woman’s life when she has control over her body and future. Contraception and safe abortion support women to delay first pregnancy, space their pregnancies and avoid unsafe abortion, greatly reducing their risk of dying in pregnancy or childbirth. It also means that, if she chooses, a woman can finish her education, pursue a career and can more easily take care of the children she already has.

We exist to enable more women and girls to take control of their futures by providing reproductive health services across the 37 countries where we work. 

Women at outreach site in Madagascar
MSI Choice kit in Madagascar

At MSI, we strongly believe that every woman has the right to choose if and when she has a child.

Why it matters

The impact of this global healthcare crisis is devastating and far-reaching.

On an individual level, women’s health and happiness suffers - as do the finances and fortunes of her family. At a wider level, whole societies lose out as women are unable to fully engage in their communities - economically, politically or otherwise. 

We exist to provide contraception and safe abortion to women and girls living in urban and rural communities all over the world. By providing a woman with access to these services, you empower her to choose her family size and future. You also give her the freedom to pursue hopes and dreams that could not only transform her life, but create ripples that spread across her family, community and country.

We're working towards a world in which every birth is wanted - where people are free to decide what is right for them. Will you join our mission?

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What we're doing

We place our clients at the centre of everything we do, and are committed to creating services that are both personalised and sustainable.

Our services

We’ve been providing life-changing reproductive health services for over 40 years. We work hard to make sure these services are high quality, affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

Our services

Our approach

At MSI Reproductive Choices, we don’t do one-size-fits-all approaches. We work hard to understand our clients and their unique challenges, tailoring our services and solutions accordingly.

Our approach

Our impact

In 2020 we continued to deliver for women.


Unintended pregnancies prevented

0 Million

Unsafe abortions averted


using contraception provided by MSI

Where we work

We are a global organisation providing personalised contraception and safe abortion (where legally permitted) to women and girls in 37 countries across the world.

As well as delivering services on the ground, our focus on sustainability means we also work with governments to strengthen existing health systems and transform the political environments in which we work.

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Group education session in Nigeria

Our vision for the future is bold.

By 2030, no abortion will be unsafe and everyone who wants access to contraception will have it.