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    Your support can change lives.  

    At MSI Reproductive Choices, we believe that everyone should have the right to decide their own future, on their terms. 

    But around the world, millions of people are being denied that. Currently, 257 million women and girls want to be using modern contraception but have no access, and every year, 35 million are forced to resort to an unsafe abortion. 

    We’re working hard to change this, supporting over 93,000 people with their reproductive choices every day. With your help, we can go further. 

    Help us defend every woman’s right to make choices about her body and her future. 

    Donate to support reproductive choice

    Help women around the world to have reproductive choice, supporting them to make decisions about their bodies and their futures. 

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    MSI supports over 93,000 people with their reproductive choices every single day, through abortion and contraceptive services — with your support, we can go further.

    MSI employee, Damaless

    Philanthropy and Foundations

    With your investment, we could ensure millions more women can access life-saving and life-changing contraception and abortion care. Find out how we could partner to make it happen.  

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    Leave a legacy

    Make a lasting contribution that will benefit individuals, communities and the wider world for many generations to come. Learn more about leaving a legacy.

    Help us spread the word on the power of reproductive choice

    We’re working towards a world where everyone has reproductive choice. Help us get there by joining our campaigns and helping to spread the word on the power of choice.

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    Share your story

    Abortion is a safe and common form of healthcare, but it is often shrouded in secrecy and stigma. By sharing our abortion stories, and what this choice has meant to our lives we can change this.

    MSI employee, Damaless

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    Campaign with us

    We’re campaigning to improve access to reproductive health and rights around the world. Learn about our current campaigns to get there and how you can get involved.