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    We support women to manage their health on their terms

    Your body, your choice, your future.

    For over 45 years, MSI has trusted and supported women to make their own decisions about their bodies and reproductive health.  

    As healthcare providers, we support decision-making by listening and counselling people on the options available. On average, our providers counsel people on more than five different methods of contraception so they can choose what they want. Ultimately, we aim to support clients to make the reproductive choices that are right for them.  

    People also choose how they access our services. Some people visit one of our centres to have face-to-face support, while others pick up one of our quality contraceptive products from their local pharmacy. Some clients call or message our contact centres to speak confidentially to us and seek advice. With an expanding choice of self-care methods, we can support women to manage their health on their terms.  

    37 million people around the world are using contraception provided by MSI right now 

    Only one contact away from a safe service 

    We’re committed to ensuring our clients have the agency and information they need to make their own reproductive choices. Led by our MSI 2030 strategy, we’re working to ensure clients are only one contact away from a quality reproductive healthcare provider or self-care product. 

    To ensure everyone has access to choice, we make quality self-care products available at convenient locations and ensure people feel empowered to use these products safely.  

    Our global network of 33 contact centres is there to help clients when they need support. People can call, message on social media, or WhatsApp us to get free information, advice or a referral to safe services near them. Our contact centres support thousands of clients every day. 

    Abortion self-care

    The self-management of medical abortion can be a powerful tool for expanding access to safe abortion.  

    Following the COVID-19 pandemic, access to self-managed abortion care has been revolutionised by telemedicine, which allows people seeking an abortion to receive pills by post to self-administer at home. Evidence shows that at-home early medical abortion care (known as telemedicine) is just as safe and effective as in-facility care, and often preferable to clients.  

    Read our guide on the essentials to safely self-manage a medical abortion

    To support people to safely self-manage medical abortion in countries where it is permitted, we provide quality medication, accurate information on how to self-administer the method, and access to follow-up care.  

    Watch our short video to learn more:

    How we put choice in the hands of our clients

    Learn more about the safe self-management of abortion, how we deliver choices to women, and how you can help. 

    Self managed health

    Blog: Safely self-managing a medical abortion

    Self-management of medical abortion can be a powerful tool for expanding access to safe abortion. In this blog, we share five key insights informed by our work around the world on how to support safe self-management.

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    How we deliver choices

    At MSI, ‘choices’ is our name and our commitment. Read more about our focus on expanding choices as well as access.


    Donate to give someone choice

    Your donation today could provide a young woman with contraception, or save a woman’s life with abortion care. Help us put choice into the hands of a woman or girl, giving her control of her future.