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Because every woman should be able to determine her own future.


Your support can change lives.

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At MSI Reproductive Choices, we believe reproductive autonomy is a universal human right. Everyone - everywhere - has the right to make informed decisions about their health and body.

Yet this is far from the reality for millions of women, who remain unable to access the reproductive healthcare services that could transform their lives. Around the world, 257 million women and girls want but have no access to contraception, and every year millions of women make the agonising decision to have an unsafe abortion because no safe alternative is available to them. 

Your support will help us provide life-changing contraception, abortion and maternal health services, empowering millions of women globally to remain in control of their futures.

You can help us defend every woman's right to control her body, her choice, her future.

Invest in women's futures

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Learn about how you can help us defend a woman’s right to control her own body and future through reproductive choice.

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Your contribution could be the difference between unintended pregnancy and a young woman being able to continue her education.


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Invest in women's futures

Our estimates show that it costs less than 2 pence/3 cents per day to provide a young woman with a contraceptive method of her choice. It is a cost-effective investment that produces lasting and sustainable impact. By enabling girls to stay in school, supporting women to forge their careers, and better-equipping communities to be resilient in the face of global challenges, from COVID-19 to the climate crisis,  reproductive choice is foundational to building a more equal and sustainable world for all.

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Strategic partnerships are crucial to achieving a world where everyone has access to reproductive choice. Learn more about how we can work together.


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With your help, we can ensure millions of women can access life-saving contraception and safe abortions.


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Protect women's futures

Reproductive choice keeps girls in school, supports women to lead, and helps communities to thrive.