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Use your power to improve reproductive rights around the world.

Campaign with us

There are multiple ways for you to get involved and support women's access to reproductive choice around the world. One way is to use your platforms to inform others on the importance of reproductive choice. Here you can learn more about our recent campaigns and how you can get involved.

End unsafe abortion

Trust women and their choices. Our experience shows that if we work together, no one would need to risk their life to access vital healthcare. Join us in our call for the elimination of unsafe abortion.

End unsafe abortion

Smash Abortion Stigma

Stigma feeds silence, and silence feeds myths. MSI Reproductive Choices is calling on our supporters to speak out and take a stand to end abortion stigma, and break the wall of silence.


No more fairytales

All over the world, a new generation of young people are defying stigma and are championing the truth: that contraception transforms lives. Share some of their stories.

No more fairy tales

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