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No More Fairy Tales

All over the world, courageous young people are saying enough is enough.

Worldwide, nearly two thirds of adolescents who want to use contraception are not able to do so. That’s 23 million young people whose futures are hanging in the balance. The impact is devastating. Each year, 5,600 teenage girls – 15 every day – die as a result of an unintended pregnancy. For those who survive, life as a young mother can often mean an end to their education, a lifetime with fewer opportunities and significantly less control over their futures.

At Marie Stopes International, we know this situation has to change if we are to see a world in which girls have an equal opportunity to fulfil her potential.

All over the world, exceptional young people are defying society’s myths and misconceptions and are championing the truth: that contraception transforms lives. They are refusing to wait for permission and are fighting for a world in which everyone has the chance to be the hero of their own tale. Despite the stigma around sex and contraception they are taking matters into their own hands, driving change in their communities and helping to give other young people the chance they deserve.

We refuse to let them do this alone, and we are determined to reach young people everywhere to deliver choice on their terms.

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No More Fairy Tales

On World Contraception Day 2018, we launched a graphic novel No More Fairy Tales, featuring the stories of four young people from East Africa, West Africa and Asia, who have been inspired by their own experiences of unintended pregnancy to fight the stigma and explode the myths around contraception and sex and help other young people avoid the same fate. No More Fairy Tales highlights the many challenges that millions of adolescents worldwide face in accessing contraception, and how a new generation of young people are saying enough is enough.

No More Fairy Tales

In their own words

From Nepal to Senegal, courageous young women and men are on a quest: climbing mountains, fighting stigma and breaking down barriers to give other young people the chance they deserve.


After having her future jeopardised by an unintended pregnancy at the age of 16, Esther decided to do whatever she can to bust myths and educate other young people about contraception.

Esther's story

Moussouba and Malang

Moussouba and Malang were newly in love when Moussouba found out she was pregnant. Despite the difficulties they faced from an early and unintended pregnancy the couple are using their talents to teach their peers about contraception.

Moussouba and Malang's story


Rita's story begins like many other young women in rural Nepal. Married at 16 and deprived of information about family planning, she soon became pregnant. But Rita wanted a different future for herself and the women in her community, so she took matters in her own hands.

Rita's story

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