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Will the world choose choice?

    2024 is the biggest election year in history.

    At least 64 national, presidential, or parliamentary elections will take place around the world this year. These elections will shape reproductive health and rights for generations to come.

    MSI estimates that there are 823 million women of reproductive age living in countries with elections this year – nearly half (43%) of all women of reproductive age globally. The rights of many of these women will be impacted.

    In this pivotal year for reproductive health and rights, we’re calling on the world to choose choice.

    How you can choose choice

    1. Stay in the know: Knowledge is power. You can join our mailing list to receive the latest news and campaigns on sexual and reproductive health and rights straight to your inbox.

    2. Donate to choose choice: MSI is working across 36 countries to provide and advocate for contraception and abortion access. You can power up this work with a donation.

    3. Raise your voice for choice: Help us spread the word about why we need to choose choice on the ballot this year, and if you’re in a country with an election, vote for candidates that support choice.

    The future of reproductive rights – a snapshot from four countries

    MSI Reproductive Choices works across 36 countries and six continents to provide and advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights. Here’s how elections will impact some of them:

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    Protecting choice in a pivotal year

    In this critical year for change, let’s vote for candidates that will push forward reproductive health and rights, never backwards.

    With choice firmly on the ballot this year, those of us who believe in the right to choose will need to raise our voice.

    As a global reproductive health and rights charity, we’ll be working globally to hold the line on sexual and reproductive health and rights, and campaign for the right laws and policies that support reproductive choice.

    You can help power up that work with a donation.

    Donate to support reproductive choice

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    £24 – help a girl stay in school

    £24 could provide a young woman with contraception for four years, so she can finish her education.


    £40 – provide access to safe abortion

    £40 could provide a woman with safe and compassionate abortion care in one of our global programmes.

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    £100 – fight the roll-back of reproductive rights

    £100 could bolster our campaign for reproductive rights, fighting back against anti-choice groups.