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Choice is what makes us human. We make an estimated 35,000 choices every single day.

And yet millions of women worldwide are denied the most fundamental choice of all — what to do with their bodies and their futures. Because they cannot access the contraception they want, or the safe abortions they need.

At MSI Reproductive Choices, we’re fighting to change that.

Working across 37 countries, we’re one of the world’s largest providers of contraception and abortion. We open doors. We break down stigma. And go further than anyone to reach those who need us.

Until every girl is respected.

Until every woman is empowered.

Until every pregnancy is wanted.

Until no-one is left behind.

In 2022, we supported over 80,000 women and girls with their reproductive choices every single day. With your help, we can go further.

For the price of a coffee, you can help a woman access contraception for six months, protecting her from unwanted pregnancy.

Please donate today and help make choice possible around the world.

All gifts made through to the end of the year will be matched by a generous donor, so your gift will have double the impact.