A year like no other five big wins for reproductive rights in 2022

From the UK to Uganda: choosing choice

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    Together, we can make sure everyone has control over their bodies, lives, and futures.

    MSI Reproductive Choices is best known in the UK as a leading abortion provider. MSI UK provides NHS-funded abortions and also contraception. But you may not know that we’re also one of the largest providers of contraception and abortion care around the world

    We work across 37 countries and six continents, going further than anyone else to make reproductive choice possible around the globe.

    Reaching those left behind

    In the UK, services like abortion are free through the NHS, but that’s not the case everywhere. In many countries people can’t reach a healthcare facility, or they need to travel long distances and pay for care. We’re committed to reaching those left behind and delivering free services to those who need us.

    That’s why in Latin America, Africa and Asia, our local teams drive, fly, sail, and trek to take our services to whoever needs us.

    MSI delivers two-thirds of our services in underserved communities, reaching some of the world’s most remote and under-resourced regions.

    Our providers are working in humanitarian settings like Afghanistan, and climate-affected regions like Madagascar, to be there for people when they need us most. 

    Our committed supporters help us reach across the globe to offer people life-changing reproductive choices — you can join our movement for choice by donating today.

    MSI employee, Damaless

    There’s never been a more important time to stand for choice

    Millions of people are standing for choice, from individuals like you to government leaders.

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    Abortion is normal

    Abortion is a safe and extremely common healthcare procedure. Nearly one in three pregnancies worldwide end with an abortion. 

    Amy, an abortion client in the UK, shares her story: 

    “I found out I was pregnant when I was at college – my contraception had failed. And I knew straight away that I wanted to have an abortion. I had big plans and children weren’t part of them.

    As I grew older, I started to realise that I wasn’t ashamed of my abortion. I’ve started to tell more people about it. It’s so important that people are able to talk openly about abortion. I know if I heard my friends, family or teachers talk more openly about abortion I would have felt less alone in my choice.”

    “The moment we start to share our stories is the moment society’s attitude starts to shift.”

    – Amy, MSI UK abortion client

    Campaigning to change the rules

    We don’t just deliver services. We advocate to change the rules, so that everyone, everywhere has the right to make choices about their bodies and their futures.

    When the right to abortion was overturned in the US, with the reversal of Roe Vs Wade in 2022, it sent shockwaves around the world, but our teams remained resilient.

    And we know the US is out of step with the rest of the world—when it comes to expanding reproductive healthcare, progress is being made year on year. 

    We’re laser-focused on transforming access to abortion and contraception for this generation and the next.

    Join us. Stand for choice. 

    Here’s how you can get involved

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    Donate to give someone the power of choice

    Your donation today helps deliver reproductive healthcare options to someone who needs it. Help support someone to make a choice about their own body and future.

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    MSI Reproductive Choices. Senegal. May 2021

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