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    MSI Reproductive Choices at ICFP 2022

    MSI Reproductive Choices is proud to sponsor the International Conference on Family Planning, and to have colleagues from across our global partnership sharing evidence and insights.

    Through a series of side events and presentations, MSI will be sharing ground-breaking research on how we can partner across the public and private sectors to strengthen health systems, innovate programmes, push forward on abortion access, and ensure no one is left behind.

    If you are attending the conference either virtually or in-person, please find details on how to attend MSI’s events below, and if in Thailand for the conference, please visit MSI’s booth at #10 in the exhibition hall to participate in our #StandForChoice campaign. For full details on MSI’s participation, download our short guide to MSI at ICFP 2022.

    The power of partnership across the health system

    Our MSI 2030 vision is bold: a world where no abortion is unsafe and everyone has access to contraception. We know that to get there, holistic partnerships across the health system – including the public and private sectors – will be vital.

    At ICFP 2022, MSI and partners will be shining a light on the power of partnership.

    At MSI’s official side event on November 15th, in partnership with IPPF and others, we will hear directly from providers, practitioners, and governments on what makes a successful partnership – including in some of the most challenging contexts – sharing insights from two of the world’s largest reproductive healthcare programmes, WISH and RESPOND.

    Private sector spotlight

    To expand access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, partnership with the private sector will remain crucial. At ICFP, MSI will share insights on how we can partner to ensure everyone can access – and afford – high quality services.

    MSI Bangladesh will be discussing the importance of partnership between civil society and communities to expand contraceptive access, and the role of the private sector and pharmacies in increasing access points in Bangladesh.

    To ensure that out-of-pocket costs won’t act as a barrier, MSI Ghana will share practical guidance from their successful campaign to include contraception in the national health insurance benefits package.

    Standing up for global abortion rights

    When the right to choose is under attack in the US, the global anti-choice movement takes notice. Since the repeal of Roe v Wade, MSI and partners have stood together to make clear: we refuse to go back.

    At ICFP 2022, MSI will join partners at IPFF, PSI, Pathfinder, Ipas and DKT International for a shared side event: Standing up for abortion rights in the aftermath of Roe v Wade – a call to action. The panel will look back at a transformational decade for abortion access, current shifts, threats, and opportunities, and what these mean for future access.

    At MSI’s ICFP booth at #10 in the exhibition hall, we will be inviting delegates to #StandForChoice. Visit the booth to join the campaign and have your photo taken with our #StandForChoice merchandise.

    Reproductive choice is life-changing, but choice — and the opportunities that choice brings — remain out of reach for many. That’s why a core focus of our MSI 2030 strategy is how we leave no one behind, and ensure reproductive choice is accessible to all.

    On November 16th, join MSI for an event sharing learnings from our FCDO WISH programme on how we can tailor sexual and reproductive health and rights programmes to leave no one behind, using measurement to drive equity at scale.

    To share how we can tailor programmes for marginalised communities, MSI Niger will be making the case for inclusive programming, MSI Senegal will be sharing strategies to reach adolescents in Francophone Africa, and MSI Zimbabwe will be sharing evidence on increasing access for people with disabilities across Africa.

    Sharing insights on how we can better reach communities with little to no access, MSI’s delegates will present on our split-team approach to increasing our reach and ensuring quality in rural Tanzania and on delivering sexual and reproductive healthcare in humanitarian settings in Burkina Faso.

    Digital innovations in reproductive healthcare

    To achieve MSI’s 2030 goals, we need to increase access and focus on client experience. This will require innovation, and digital technology has a critical role to play.

    To hear about our plans, please join MSI’s Director for Technical Services, Dr Helen Blackholly, for a pre-conference presentation on the private sector and digital health solutions: expanding access to quality reproductive healthcare.

    MSI delegates will also present insights on how we can use digital to support informed reproductive choices, with a presentation on the role of our global contact centre network in client counselling, and insights from the Sahel on digital innovations that support community mobilisers to increase access.

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    Whether you’re attending ICFP 2022 in-person or virtually, download this short guide to MSI’s participation, featuring the full list of our events and presentations.


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    Evidence & Insights Compendium

    At ICFP, we’ll be sharing learnings and data from across the MSI partnership, many of which are captured in our 2022 Evidence & Insights compendium.

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    With reproductive rights under threat, it’s more important than ever that the global community stands boldly for choice.