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Corporate Partnerships

Building strong and strategic partnerships that help us both go further.

The need for contraception is greater than ever before

Right now, there are 257 million women in the developing world who aren’t able to choose when, or whether, they have a child.

They want to be able to plan their lives and futures, pursue an education or career, and fully engage in society. But their lack of access to contraception curtails this, leaving them at risk of unintended pregnancy, early pregnancy, multiple poorly spaced births and STIs.

All of these things can have a detrimental impact on both a woman’s health and finances, making it very difficult for her to support herself and the family she may already have.

A local bajaji (tuktuk) in Tanzania

How can we work together?

As a socially responsible business owner, you know how important it is to ensure your workforce is happy, healthy and empowered.

Making sure that your teams have access to sexual and reproductive healthcare is a crucial step to making this a reality.

By investing in the work of MSI, you’re not only having a positive impact on the women and men who work for you. You’re also sending a very powerful message to the countries and communities you operate in; that you’re committed to their sustainable development and growth.

We will work collaboratively with you to design a partnership that’s aligned with both your strategic goals and our mission. Investing in quality contraception and reproductive healthcare for the women and men who work for you is just one of many ways you can partner with us.

To find out what a partnership with us could look like, please contact our Partnerships and Philanthropy team.

Invest in MSI, and we’ll both go further. Contact our Partnerships and​ Philanthropy​ team to learn more about a partnership with us.

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More ways to support us

There are a number of other ways you can support us, either by making a donation online or getting in touch to invest on a larger scale.

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Whether you give time, money or expertise, your generous investment will benefit women and families for generations to come.

Philanthropic partnerships

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Make a donation in support of every woman's right to determine her own future.

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Remember us in your Will, and you'll leave a lasting gift that will benefit women around the world.

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