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Together we can make a life-changing difference to millions of women worldwide.

We are facing a global crisis

Despite huge strides over the last 50 years to increase access to contraception and safe abortion, millions of women in the developing world are still unable to take control of their family size and futures.

The impact of not having access to contraception and safe abortion runs deep. It affects people’s opportunities to access an education or pursue a career; it affects their health; their food security; and ultimately their ability to lift themselves out of poverty.

As demographics evolve, with population growth and the largest generation of young people in history now becoming sexually active, the need for contraception and safe abortions is growing at an exponential rate.

However, by investing in MSI Reproductive Choices you can help us provide life-changing contraception and safe abortion services, empowering millions of women globally and driving real social and economic development.

We need to take strong, collaborative action to get more life-saving services to the people and regions who need them most. Contact our Partnerships and Philanthropy team to see what your investment could do.

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You can help us provide life-changing contraception, safe abortion and family planning services, empowering millions of women globally – and by doing so, we can join forces to drive social and economic development in a powerful way.

Why partner with us?

1 Get services to the people who need them most

By channelling resources towards family planning – and, more specifically, by providing core funding to support our country programmes over the long term – you’ll be helping us distribute funds to the programmes and countries with the highest need. To those experiencing large gaps in service delivery; or to areas that are particularly hard to reach, that would benefit from a new service such as mobile outreach.

2 Make your funding go further

With more core funding, we can respond to evolving or emerging needs across all of the 37 countries we operate in. Using our Investment Fund application process, we responsibly invest your donation into projects and activities related to our core mission, supporting the delivery of contraception and safe abortion services. We also ensure funding is allocated in line with our strategic priorities; focusing on long-term strategy and effectiveness, rather than incremental, project-based outputs – and scaling up innovations that work in some of the most difficult places to reach. This stewardship, coupled with our lean support operations, means we’ll be maximising how far every single dollar of your funding goes, to open up access to much-needed, life-changing services.

3 Get the data you need

You’ll want to keep abreast of the impact of your investments, and we respond to that by routinely sharing our results and achievements with all our major donors. We’ll invite you to learn more about our work at our annual donor meeting, and work closely with you, to share successes and details around the impact of your individual investment.

4 Invest wisely and sustainably

Investing in contraception and safe abortion ultimately offers you a way to have a deep, lasting impact on the lives of millions of women and communities all over the world. It also represents one of the most valuable investments you can make in development terms. By helping to address one of the root causes of poverty – high fertility and large families – you can have a positive knock-on effect on a raft of other socio-economic issues, from health to human rights, from food insecurity to sanitation.

More ways to support us

There are a number of other ways you can support us, such through corporate investments, legacy gifts or by making a donation online.

Corporate partnerships

Strategic corporate partnerships mean you can help us reach more women, while also helping your business.

Corporate partnerships
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Leave a legacy

Remember us in your Will, and you'll leave a lasting gift that will benefit generations of women around the world.

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Online donation

Make a donation in support of every woman's right to determine her own future.

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