A respectful maternity care workshop to change values, beliefs and attitudes about obstetric violence

Quality   |   25 September 2023   |   3 min read



MSI is proud to have been invited to the XXIV FIGO Conference (World Congress of Gynaecology and Obstetrics) to present on our MSI Respectful Maternity Care training package and the results of the training evaluation from Kenya.  

When a woman comes into an MSI maternity, we want to ensure she not only has a safe but also a positive experience. To support this, MSI has introduced a Respectful Maternity Care training package to train obstetric providers to avoid any form of childbirth violence.  

What is the Respective Maternity Care training? 

This is a unique tool that uses exercises inspired by Values Clarification and Attitudes Transformation workshops, as well as behavioural change science.

The training helps providers reflect on what would give them a positive experience as someone giving birth, through role play, case scenarios, and other exercises. By exploring the provider’s underlying beliefs and attitudes, these trainings encourage lasting change.   

Our Respectful Maternity Care training has been officially certified by the CPD Certification Service.

Why is this important? 

Obstetric violence is an experience many women face during labour, delivery and birth, often without realising it. The term “obstetric violence” covers a wide range of experiences, which take choice and autonomy away from the woman during their childbirth journey. This can include exams or procedures being conducted without consent, pressure into procedures such as caesareans, disrespectful treatment, or a lack of privacy during labour and birth. Negative birthing experiences can impact breastfeeding, bonding with the baby and maternal mental health. We are committed to changing this course. 

That’s why all MSI obstetric providers are specifically trained to deliver respectful maternity care, supporting women in a way that maintains dignity, privacy, and confidentiality. 

What does the training package entail? 

We train our providers to avoid harmful behaviours and ensure respectful practices such as skin-to-skin, humanized C-Sections, and choice in birthing positions. MSI providers make sure that all patients have informed choices and continuous support during prenatal care, labour, childbirth, and postpartum. 

For more information on the training, watch our short video below, and reach out to Angela Argenziano at angela.argenziano@msichoices.org or Patricia Lledo Weber at patricia.lledoweber@msichoices.org



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