Briefing: Partnering with governments to expand reproductive choice

Policy and advocacy   |   17 May 2023 



Partnering with governments to expand reproductive choice

For over 45 years MSI has worked to make sure that everyone is supported with their reproductive choices. To ensure the women we help today can access reproductive healthcare for decades to come, we’re focused on sustainable solutions.

Alongside delivering services ourselves, we partner with governments, so they have the skills and products to deliver high-quality care through their health system too. This means there will be more equal and long-term access for everyone.

In partnership with governments, we help to:

  • shift community norms and break down stigma
  • build the skills of reproductive healthcare providers
  • put client-centred data and voices at the heart of decision-making
  • advocate for policies that support reproductive health and rights
  • stock quality products and build strong supply chains

This isn’t a one-size fits all approach. We work in a vast range of political and cultural contexts, building unique approaches that are diverse, responsive, and co-designed with governments and local communities.

Learn more about how we partner with governments to support reproductive choice for decades to come in our two-page briefing.



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