MSI’s Clinical Quality Report 2021

Quality   |   31 December 2022 



In 2021, MSI supported 75,000 people with sexual and reproductive healthcare every day. This included 67,000 people who were supported with their reproductive choices daily, via access to contraception, abortion and post-abortion care.

Whether visiting one of MSI’s urban health centres, a rural mobile outreach team, or an MSI-supported public healthcare facility, we believe that every client deserves high-quality, compassionate care, rooted in safe, evidence-based service delivery. And we are proud that wherever in the world you access an MSI or MSI-supported service, it will be quality assured to the same global standards. 

In our clinical quality report, we share the clinical governance processes we have in place, as well as how we’re using data and technology to deliver truly client-centred care. 



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