From digital support to our blue door: Building a better client journey

Digital health   |   25 January 2024   |   5 min read



For many of our clients, their journey to accessing reproductive healthcare starts and ends beyond our clinic walls — in their homes, at a community health talk, or through information on social media. From calling to book an appointment, to messaging us on WhatsApp for advice, or visiting our website for information; it’s clear that the power of digital is transforming client experience and expanding access to choice.  

With the many different paths a client can take to access our services, we strive to create a seamless transition from digital support to arriving at one of our blue doors and receiving a quality service. 

Briefing The MSI Contact Centre Network

New insights on the value of digital  

In early 2023, we integrated our contact centre database with our electronic health records system across all clinics in Ghana. This ‘Integrated Client Journey’ project has already given us great insights. For example, we saw that social media and messaging was proving to be an essential point of contact for client referrals, on top of being a valuable platform to empower people with accessible sexual and reproductive health information. Over half of people referred to the clinic via social messaging and email went on to attend an in-person appointment.  

We learned that discomfort in talking about abortion can affect the conversation with clients. Many of them prefer to message instead of calling for discretion and privacy, especially in unsafe home environments (for instance when navigating controlling parents or abusive partners). Many ask for a different service to the one they actually want. A high number of clients were referred for a service such as contraception or STI-testing, but then went on to disclose to the clinician at their in-person appointment that they needed abortion care. 

These recent insights reconfirm why MSI is investing in digital, ensuring we can reach women with reproductive choice in ways comfortable and convenient for them. 

Sara’s journey to services: a network of support 

When Sara, a 23-year-old living in the Ashanti region of Ghana, decided she wanted an abortion, she messaged the MSI Ghana WhatsApp with the number she found online. Our contact centre agent, Afua, responded to Sara with her options, and referred her for an ultrasound.  

Afua (pictured above) has been working at one of MSI’s 33 contact centres for five years, providing compassionate pre- and post-service care. She shares: 

“Digital advancement is helping smooth processes and expand access, to make reproductive choice easier for everyone. But we’re still real people offering real support. My favourite part of my job is showing people that they’re not alone, that they’re in safe hands. Telling them: we are here for you.” 

The next day, the clinic receptionist was able to quickly sign Sara in and retrieve her electronic file, which contained information she had shared previously with the contact centre. This means she didn’t have to repeat her healthcare needs to the receptionist in the busy waiting room. 

With our new system that securely shares client information, reception teams have been liberated of almost three months of extra work every year. This means receptionists can register many more clients who will have shorter waiting times and more privacy — ultimately enabling us to scale up and reach more people. 

During her in-person appointment, Sara had an ultrasound, discussed her options and decided to have a medical abortion. When Sara shared that she also wanted a contraceptive implant to prevent future pregnancies, the nurse fitted her with one on the same day. 

A week later, Sara called the contact centre after experiencing some side effects. The person on the other end of the phone was able to quickly understand Sara’s journey with MSI and the services she had recently received, thanks to her secure digital file, and gave her personalised advice and support.

Making access easy 

At MSI, we are striving to make access as simple and as convenient as possible. We have rolled out this digital system in nine countries and are setting our sights on improving the client journey across all 37 countries where we work.  

Our goal is that no matter where you live, you are only one contact away from a safe service. We work to ensure you have a network of both digital and in-person support and care that helps you take control of your reproductive choices, and your future. 



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