MSI 2030 Global Strategy: Your Body, Your Choice, Your Future

Quality   |   17 November 2020 



We are proud to launch our new ten-year strategy, MSI 2030: Your Body, Your Choice, Your Future.

Our vision at MSI Reproductive Choices is bold but simple: By 2030, no abortion will be unsafe and every individual who wants access to contraception will have it.

We know that the challenges are huge. If we don’t change course, the number of women with an unmet need for contraception is set to rise to 300 million by 2030. We must work together to transform access for the next generation.

Our MSI 2030 strategy commits us to being a better partner, to confronting these challenges with courage and innovation, and to closing the gap – once and for all – so that everyone is only one contact away from a safe service and no one is left behind. 

Read more about how we can make it happen, together.



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