Briefing: MSI and Health System Strengthening

Policy and advocacy   |   5 May 2023 



Our approach, results and vision for sustained access

At MSI Reproductive Choices, we are not just a service provider — we’re working with partners on the big solutions needed so that everyone, everywhere has access to reproductive choice.

In collaboration with governments and other health system strengthening partners, we work to ensure that high-quality, comprehensive reproductive health services are available for the long-term. This includes training public sector providers, offering supply chain support so that facilities have the right commodities to offer choice, and advocating for policies that support high-quality service delivery.

At MSI, we understand what it takes to reach marginalised communities with sexual and reproductive healthcare, so we focus on reaching those with little to no prior access, including rural communities and adolescents. We’re now partnering with governments in 23 countries to scale up public sector sexual and reproductive health access in rural areas, with bottom-up partnership models that empower communities and providers, and bolster health systems.

Find out more in our short briefing: Transforming Access through Partnership: MSI’s approach for Health System Strengthening.



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