MSI launches the Every Choice campaign

Policy and advocacy   |   10 January 2024   |   3 min read



We live in a world of seemingly infinite choice. However, for half of the global population, one of the most fundamental choices isn’t guaranteed – the choice over what to do with our bodies. MSI believes that everyone should have the power to determine their own future, but without access to sexual and reproductive healthcare, millions worldwide are denied that freedom. That’s why we joined with Uncommon, a creative studio based in London to launch our Every Choice campaign.

The campaign compares the abundance of everyday choices – like the many types of bagels available on a street in New York – with the lack of reproductive choices available worldwide.

40% of women live in countries where abortion is banned, restricted, or inaccessible. Meanwhile, 257 million women want to be using contraception but have no access. Without reproductive choice, millions of women and girls are denied the power to choose if or when to become pregnant and the freedom to shape their own future.

Today, global reproductive rights are facing a perfect storm. Funding challenges continue whilst an emboldened anti-choice opposition continue to expand its influence. This dual thread puts the health, rights, and futures of women and girls around the world at risk.

That’s why MSI fights for a world where everyone can access services. We see first-hand the transformational power that choice brings, and we want the world to see it too.

Amanda Seller, MSI Reproductive Choices’ Vice President of Global Partnerships and Philanthropy said: 

“This is a completely new approach for us, but with unprecedented funding uncertainty and an escalation in anti-choice opposition following the overturning of Roe v Wade, it’s never been more important to rally others to join us and choose choice.

“That’s why we are working with Uncommon to raise the volume on women’s fundamental right to choose. Millions of women and girls rely on the contraception and abortion care that our teams provide to stay in school, follow their dreams and fulfil their potential. We won’t let them down.”

MSI opens doors, breaks down stigma, and goes further than anyone else to make sure everyone who needs us can choose their path, and we won’t stop until every woman is empowered, until every pregnancy is wanted, and until no-one is left behind.



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