MSI Reproductive Choices’ Spotlight Webinar Series

Policy and advocacy   |   19 November 2020   |   4 min read



With COVID-19 impacting reproductive rights and healthcare the world over, and many events that would have brought our communities together cancelled, we want to remain connected. 

To support this, MSI Reproductive Choices launched a webinar series — the Spotlight Webinars — inviting partners from the sector and beyond to discuss key issues facing sexual and reproductive health, gender and rights.

Sharing stories and evidence from service delivery, our aim was to develop a space where we can come together to share practical, frontline solutions to increase access.

All webinar recordings are shared below.

Delivering access to safe abortion during the time of COVID-19

Our first webinar in the series focused around delivering access to safe abortion in the time of COVID-19, sharing the potential impact of the virus on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, alongside strategies for ensuring women can continue to access safe abortion services during the crisis; through telemedicine, pharmacies and government partnerships.

Securing supplies in insecure times: Ensuring contraceptive security during the current crisis

Hosted by MSI and FP2020, representatives from across the Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights sector came together to discuss how we can protect access to essential contraceptive commodities during Covid-19.

Choice in her hands: Enabling safe self-care during COVID-19

We discuss some of the challenges facing women under COVID-19 and the role self-administered sexual and reproductive healthcare can play in getting reproductive healthcare into the hands of women. Presentations include insights and innovations from the frontline of reproductive healthcare, alongside strategies for supporting women to self-administer safely, during the pandemic and beyond. 

Sex, stigma & young people: Challenging social norms to empower adolescents

Presentations include frontline stories on how we can start to shift social norms, through engaging community leaders, supporting couples to plan together, and enabling healthcare providers to deliver judgement-free sexual health services that are truly adolescent inclusive. 

A Gendered Crisis: Ensuring SRHR for women facing violence under COVID-19

We were joined by speakers from the World Health Organisation, MSI UK, Population Services Zimbabwe and Katswe Sistahood (a movement of young people fighting for SRHR in Zimbabwe) to discuss the unique risks facing women under lockdown, the role that healthcare providers can play in supporting survivors, and the importance of partnership during the pandemic and beyond. 

MSI Briefing: The impact of COVID-19 on reproductive rights and access

As COVID-19 devastates lives and communities across the world, MSI has launched a new report sharing data on the impact of the pandemic on access to sexual and reproductive healthcare and rights, alongside insights and learnings from our frontline providers. We were joined by speakers from MSI and the Nigerian Ministry of Health to hear about the impact of the crisis on reproductive healthcare and rights, how COVID-19 has presented a catalyst for change, and what needs to be done now to protect life-saving services.

My Body, My Voice: International Safe Abortion Day Briefing

To mark International Safe Abortion Day, MSI was delighted to launch our new 2019/20 My Body, My Voice report, alongside presentations from partners at Ipas and the Asia Safe Abortion Partnership at our International Safe Abortion Day briefing. To mark International Safe Abortion Day, we were pleased to hold a special briefing to launch the report.

Leaving no one behind in reproductive healthcare

Our commitment to ensuring that no one is left behind is at the heart of MSI’s new strategy, MSI 2030. In our new Reproductive Choice for All report, we share learnings and evidence on how we think we can get there. We held a virtual event to launch the report, joined by the following inspiring experts to discuss some of the key challenges and opportunities that the next decade holds for women and girls.

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