MSI’s 2021 Annual Report and Financial Statements

Quality   |   13 July 2022 



In 2021, MSI Reproductive Choices’ providers went above and beyond to make choice possible around the world.

Through partnerships across our 37 countries, our teams supported 19.4 million clients with sexual and reproductive healthcare, supporting 67,000 people every day with their reproductive choices, via contraception, abortion, and life-saving post-abortion care services. 

We reached millions often left behind by healthcare systems. Over 70% of our contraceptive services were delivered to underserved communities and we provided services to over 1.7 million adolescents – a group often excluded from sexual and reproductive healthcare, but for whom we have tailored programmes, ensuring young people can determine their own futures. 

As a result of these services, MSI estimates that in 2021, we prevented more than 14.1 million unintended pregnancies and 6.6 million unsafe abortions, saving the lives of 39,500 women. 

Find out more about MSI’s impact, and how we got there, in our 2021 Annual Report and Financial Statements



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