Briefing: MSI’s 2022 Impact

Quality   |   28 February 2023 



In 2022, MSI was proud to work with partners to support more people with their reproductive choices than ever before.

With reproductive choice, women and girls are more likely to remain in education, achieve financial independence and drive positive change in their communities.

So, as awareness of sexual and reproductive health and rights continues to grow globally, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen unprecedented demand for MSI’s services.

Last year, we partnered with governments and civil society to deliver reproductive choice to 82,000 people every single day.

Over the year, that meant 14.6 million unintended pregnancies and 7.2 million unsafe abortions averted, and 42,600 women and girls’ lives saved.

Read more about our record-breaking year in our impact briefing: 21 Million Futures Transformed in 2022.



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