MSI’s 2023 Impact Brief

Impact   |   1 March 2024 



In 2023, together with donors and partners, we supported 23.3 million women and girls with their reproductive health across 36 countries and six continents.

MSI is proud to be a leader in meeting the unprecedented demand for reproductive healthcare, as more women and girls learn about their rights and choices.

Providing reproductive choice not only saves lives and improves health — it advances gender equality by supporting women and girls to access power. Giving them agency to drive positive change, boost economic growth, and build a better world.

In 2023, MSI served our two hundred millionth client. We delivered life-changing healthcare to 93,000 women and girls every day — more than ever before.

Read more about our record-breaking year in our impact briefing: CHOOSE CHOICE, CHOOSE IMPACT



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