Health System Strengthening Vision Framework

Policy and advocacy   |   5 May 2023 



Many people rely on their local government facility for their healthcare, but sexual and reproductive health services are often limited or unavailable. This particularly affects marginalised groups, including adolescents and those living in rural areas.

At MSI, we understand what it takes to reach underserved communities with quality reproductive healthcare, and by working hand in hand with local governments, we can support them to do the same.

With long standing relationships with government partners and quality client-centred data to inform decision making, we can work with governments to co-design our health systems strengthening approach.

As shown in our health system strengthening vision framework, it starts with the client in the middle, works out to facility and community interventions, then to subnational supply and demand side interventions, to national work and finally the ‘enabling environment’, where we advocate for the right policies to influence and support high quality reproductive healthcare.

Access our framework and read more on MSI’s approach on our Health System Strengthening page.



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