Help protect UK abortion clinics with Safe Access Zones

Policy and advocacy   |   15 January 2024   |   2 min read



Have your say: tell the UK Government your views on Safe Access Zones, which protect abortion clinics in England & Wales from anti-choice harassment.

In many of the countries that MSI works in, anti-choice groups gather outside our clinics, harassing those seeking and providing abortion. The groups shout insults at clients and staff entering the clinic, force leaflets into people’s hands containing medical misinformation and disturbing imagery, and even physically block access to care. 

That’s why MSI is campaigning for Safe Access Zones — also known as Buffer Zones — which ban anti-choice groups from gathering outside abortion clinics. 

In the UK, our cross-partner campaign resulted in a successful parliamentary vote, receiving support from MPs across all major political parties. In May 2023, Safe Access Zones were signed into law in England and Wales. The UK public welcomed this win, with 3 in 4 people sharing that they support the ban. However, eight months on, Safe Access Zones have still not been implemented by the UK Home Office, leaving those accessing and providing abortion care exposed to harassment. 

Now the UK government has announced that there will be a public consultation on how Safe Access Zones should be implemented. The consultation will run until 22nd January 2024 and is open to all members of the UK public. MSI has responded to the consultation, but we welcome our pro-choice supporters and partners to respond too, showing the wide-spread support for this law. 

By sharing your views about abortion clinic harassment and the importance of Safe Access Zones, you can help to ensure they’re implemented to protect people accessing and providing abortion care. Our UK healthcare team have developed a useful guide on how to respond, with all the information you need to help protect UK clinics. 

At MSI, we’re fighting for a future where everyone who wants an abortion or contraception has access — free from fear or harassment. Consider chipping in for our global campaign for choice.  



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