Three things we learned at Skoll World Forum

Impact   |   2 May 2023   |   3 min read



The Skoll World Forum is a gathering where the world’s most influential social entrepreneurs and thought leaders come together to exchange ideas for a better world.

This year, MSI Country Directors Carole Sekimpi and Asma Balal, and New Funding Director Kelly Counts, attended to learn from other trailblazers and offer our own perspective as social innovators. Here’s three things we learned:

1. Gender equality is a priority for change-makers

The conversation about reproductive rights started straight from the opening session, when MSI board member Jess Search shouted out MSI from the main stage. We were the only organization to receive a mention in the opening plenary, and it led to conversations throughout the event with delegates interested in learning more about how MSI works in difficult environments to enable choice and advance gender equality.

2. Choice is connected to the climate crisis

The climate crisis was the issue on everyone’s mind at Skoll, and for good reason. That’s why many of the people we spoke to were interested in the intersection between reproductive healthcare and climate resilience. At MSI, we see how choice is crucial for women facing the effects of climate change—and how natural disasters, driven by climate change, make it harder for women to access the reproductive healthcare they need. We have to continue to shine a light on how reproductive choice can help women adapt and respond to climate change.

3. Our social business model provides choice in a sustainable way

We had many eye-opening conversations at Skoll—and we were able to share some inspiration, as well. People were impressed by MSI’s social business model, using revenue to fund services for those who can’t afford to pay. Many of the changemakers we spoke with want to know that the organisations they support are sustainable, and this has been a major priority for MSI for many years. We have insights to share.

We left the event with a sense of amazement at what’s possible. In a world full of bad news, it’s encouraging to see the incredible work people are doing around the world, often with limited resources. A better world is possible, and we have a bold vision to make it happen.

To learn more, check out the 2023 Skoll World Forum Highlight Reel.



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