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MSI Ghana’s award winning "Every Stage of Woman" campaign

Thursday 09 June 2022 MSI Reproductive Choices Women's health Ghana

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MSI’s programme in Ghana recently launched a marketing campaign that doubled the number of women coming through its doors and swept up awards from the UK and African advertising industries.  

“Every Stage of Woman” celebrates every life stage and body change. Using positive and authentic imagery, the message was simple: we’re here to support women throughout their lives as their bodies and needs change. 

To demystify the changes happening in women’s bodies and challenge the taboos surrounding sexual and reproductive healthcare, the campaign supported women by providing accurate and accessible information across a variety of channels.  

The campaign has repositioned MSI’s programme in Ghana as a holistic women’s wellness provider, not just a place to go for contraception or safe abortion care.  

Changing people’s perceptions of MSI wasn’t an easy thing to do. The campaign concept was borne from focus group research, input from staff worldwide, and developing ideas with our brilliant agency partner Portland Communications. In Ghana, it was pre-tested and launched in August 2021 across TV, radio, social media, and in outdoor public spaces.  

The goal was to ensure women know where to go to access a range of women's wellness services, grow the numbers of MSI clients and support our drive for sustainability. A 41% increase in income not only made our clinics more sustainable, but it has also allowed us to reinvest profit to fund free community-based services in rural areas, keeping our doors open for those who need it most.  

The powerful message of our campaign has led to widespread industry recognition of the campaign. It has recently: 

  • been shortlisted by PRMoment in the UK for “Best Healthcare Campaign”  
  • won the “Superior Achievement in Brand-Building” and “Geographic Award for Western Africa” awards from SABRE Africa, as well as being named runner-up for “Best in Show Platinum Award 
  • been recognised as the best campaign in the Africa region by SABRE EMEA. 

More importantly, the campaign is helping women feel supported and fulfil their potential.  

Its success in Ghana has paved the way for MSI to adapt and roll out this messaging in all our country programmes and 300 clinics around the globe. This presents a new challenge in conveying the right messaging in different markets with unique cultural sensitivities – and we’re excited to take this on.  


“We at MSI in Ghana are delighted and proud of being recognised and presented with these awards. We’re humbled by the impact of the "Every Stage of Woman" campaign in breaking the taboo topics around women's health by creating awareness and signposting to our clinics. Through this campaign, most women have started recognising MSI’s programme here as a true women's wellness provider that serves women through all stages of their life." 

- MSI Ghana’s Marketing Manager, Elymas Dekonor 




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