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Report on Global Data Systems

Driven by data

Improving lives and expanding choice through insight and action

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In the Evidence to Action team, we’re transforming the way we capture and analyse our client and service information. By tracking service delivery performance, we’re able to better understand what works and what doesn’t, enabling providers to optimise their services and reach more women.

To do so, we have focused on strengthening our global evidence teams, while transitioning to digital solutions across all our client-level and aggregate service delivery data. This process has required an organisational culture shift, as we’ve worked to demonstrate:

  • the value of accessing new and better data, so that teams can understand the bigger picture
  • the value of improved visibility, as we’re able to demonstrate the impact of service delivery, as well as research studies and interventions
  • the importance of empowering team members to drive this change, enabling service providers to understand and take responsibility for their performance.

By complementing routine services with a suite of data solutions, we have used our data insights to inform and innovate in our service delivery. In this briefing, we share how we have enabled this shift towards an organisational culture with rapid and adaptive programming at its core, enabling us to extend MSl’s reach to meet the needs of women and girls around the world more effectively.

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