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Our safe and welcoming centres form the backbone of our operations.

During our 45 year history, MSI has grown from a single centre in central London, to a global network of more than 500 centres.

In every country we work in, centres (also known as static clinics) form the backbone of our operations. They provide safe and welcoming spaces where our clients can access high quality, affordable contraception and safe abortion services.

Our centres set the standard for our services. So we put a lot of thought into their location, design and the way they are run. The majority of them are located in urban areas, and in some cases they can be one of only a few providers of reproductive health services in the town, city or region.

We take great care and consideration when setting fees for our services, basing our decisions on demographic data from the local community. Income from centres in wealthier areas helps to subsidise centres in urban slums, and fund our services for poorer clients.

We put the women and men who visit our centres at ease, from the moment they walk through our blue door.

Creating warm, welcoming spaces

We want the women and men who visit our centres to feel at ease, and as comfortable as possible, from the moment they walk through one of our blue doors.

It starts with accessibility. We make sure our centres are located in places that are safe, convenient, easy to find and well served by public transport. And that they are open at times that work best for people living locally.

We set rigorous standards for cleanliness, décor and maintenance - both inside and outside our buildings. Not just for medical and safety reasons but because it shows our clients just how important they are to us. As with all our services, the quality of care on offer in our centres is constantly monitored to ensure it meets our global standards of clinical excellence.

The atmosphere of a centre is just as important as our high clinical standards. As well as helping clients feel relaxed and supported, a warm, welcoming environment can also lead to quicker recovery times, so we try to ‘demedicalise’ our centres as much as we can. For example, we avoid using cleaning fluids that have a strong smell in our waiting rooms, so clients don't feel like they're visiting hospital.

Services provided by our centres


We provide a wide range of modern, high quality and affordable contraception.

This includes short term and long term methods, emergency contraception, and permanent methods - tubal ligation for women and vasectomy for men.

Learn more about the contraceptive methods we offer


Safe abortion

Our centres offer safe abortion services in the countries where it is legal for them to do so.

This includes surgical abortion and medical abortion - a safe, non-invasive alternative to surgery.

Following an abortion we are also there to offer emotional support and post-abortion contraception.

We offer many different contraceptive options for women post-abortion, including short-term, long-acting and permanent methods. And we support each woman in choosing the best option for her, depending on her fertility intentions and the type of procedure she has had. 

Learn more about our approach to safe abortion

Post-abortion care

Post-abortion care is immediate life-saving medical care for women suffering complications from an unsafe abortion.

If a woman comes to us for an abortion or post-abortion care, the procedure itself is just one part of the service we provide. We are there to offer emotional support, as well as post-abortion contraception.

We offer many different contraceptive options for women post-abortion, including short-term, long-acting and permanent methods. And we support each woman in choosing the best option for her, depending on her fertility intentions and the type of procedure she has had. 

Maternal and child healthcare

Many of our centres provide maternal healthcare and basic primary healthcare, such as child vaccinations and malaria treatment.

This is an effective way of reaching women who have never considered contraception or looked for alternative methods of contraception.

Our midwives educate women about safe motherhood, and pre-natal and post-natal care. We also train skilled birth attendants in obstetric care, the management of complications and emergencies, and care for mothers after birth.

To give women access to the support they need, we integrate our maternal healthcare with other services, offering family planning information, counselling, and information and services about sexually transmitted diseases and HIV/AIDS. 

The majority of our centres also have laboratory testing facilities, and all have dispensaries where clients can get the required drugs and treatments they need.

STI and HIV/AIDS treatment

Some of our centres offer prevention and treatment services for HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infection (STIs).

We provide voluntary testing for HIV and other STIs, alongside the counselling that must accompany it. We diagnose and treat a range of STIs, and we refer clients who are HIV-positive to agencies that offer treatment options.

Our passionate and professional teams

Our centres are staffed by teams of qualified and passionate professionals, who always put the client first. Wherever they are in the world, our teams are committed to providing the best possible care for every client who walks through our doors.

MSI team member holding an outreach information/counselling session

A hub of activity

In addition to providing services to clients, our centres also form a vital base for training and logistics. They also serve as a hub for our other channels, including mobile outreach teams, community based distributors and social franchisees.

Reinvesting to help others

By charging fees for services at our centres, we're able to subsidise some of our other services or offer them for free entirely, to those who are living in poverty.

40 years of care

Our first centre in central London has been serving men and women since 1976. Today our expert teams are trusted by the NHS to provide safe abortion services to thousands of women a year.

MSI group education session in DRC

Our vision for the future is bold.

By 2030, no abortion will be unsafe and everyone who wants access to contraception will have it.