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Social marketing

Giving people the option to buy high-quality and affordable contraception on the private market.

We use social marketing to ensure that people have the option to buy high-quality, sexual and reproductive healthcare products in a location that's convenient.

This includes the distribution of affordable condoms, contraceptive pills and other contraceptive and health products through pharmacies, community-based distributors and other private providers.

In the most rural and remote regions of the world, people can experience great difficulty trying to access short term and emergency contraception.

In some areas, a product may only be available by going through an arduous process at a government clinic. In other areas the only available contraception may be too expensive, or of poor quality.

Social marketing brings short term and emergency contraceptive methods closer to the client. It also provides an opportunity to offer information and referrals to our other services for clients interested in switching to long-acting or permanent methods.

MSI uses social marketing to ensure that people have an option to buy high-quality, affordable contraceptive products on the private market.

Our global experience

We have considerable experience in social marketing. Currently, 16 of our country programmes distribute and promote social marketed contraceptive products, from Feminyl oral contraceptive pills in Nepal, to Smart Lady emergency contraceptives in Kenya.

Our largest social marketing programme, in India, sells seven types of contraception, including six different brands of condom. We have also had great success in Mongolia where we provide around 70% of the country’s contraceptives.

In 2019, about a quarter of our CYPs were delivered through social marketing.

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Our vision for the future is bold.

By 2030, no abortion will be unsafe and everyone who wants access to contraception will have it.