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We are MSI Reproductive Choices and we deliver sexual and reproductive healthcare to over 80,000 people every day.

For over 45 years, we've worked to make reproductive choice possible around the world.

In 37 countries, we’ve supported over 183 million people with their reproductive choices, offering autonomy over their own bodies so they can make the choices that are right for them and their futures.  

Today, and every single day, we’re supporting the reproductive choices of another 80,000+ people across six different continents, with access to contraception, abortion and life-saving post-abortion care. And we’re incredibly proud to do it. 


The difference a year can make: a 2022 snapshot

In 2022, MSI delivered a record year of impact. Against a backdrop of challenges like the reversal of abortion rights in the US and ongoing rebuilding from COVID-19, we worked with governments and partners to deliver for women and girls. Together, we provided comprehensive abortion care for 4.7 million people. And we supported nearly 2 million adolescents, helping girls stay in school and choose their future paths.

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Strengthening health systems & advocating for choice

Last year, we supported more women and girls than ever before to access sexual and reproductive healthcare—and this was only made possible in partnership.

We partnered with governments in 24 countries to train providers and increase the quality and reach of services across more than 6,000 public sector delivery sites, reaching 6 million clients. Almost 800,000 of those clients were young people. These efforts are shaping health systems, so high-quality and locally-led sexual and reproductive healthcare is available for decades to come.

Providing services is central to our work, but we do so much more. We’re shifting the narrative and changing systems. By partnering with local grassroots groups and coalitions we’re breaking down legal and regulatory restrictions that make it hard for people to access essential reproductive healthcare. 

Since 2016, MSI’s advocacy efforts have contributed to more than 78 policy changes

This has increased reproductive choice for millions around the world. Recently, we’ve successfully advocated for:

  • expanded access to abortion for unmarried women and survivors of rape in India
  • contraception to be included in Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme, so cost is no longer a barrier
  • at-home abortion (via telemedicine) becoming a permanent option in the UK
A Zambia team member standing in front of an MSI outreach vehicle

Our lasting impact on the world...

1 We provide reproductive healthcare services to individuals

That might mean educating a girl on her choices of contraception so she can live without fear of unintended pregnancy, or providing an abortion to a woman who doesn’t want a child. These services are the difference between a girl becoming a mother when it’s not right for her, or having opportunities to finish school, learn a new trade, start a business, become a leader, or choose any future she wants.

2 Our services have ripple effects that support families

Women can delay their first pregnancy until they feel ready and space their children, so they have more time and resources to care for their existing family. And by providing safe services, including contraception and abortion care, we reduce the number of women losing their lives to maternal death, meaning fewer families face the devastation of losing a loved one to a preventable death.

3 MSI’s work transforms communities

We work in partnership with local communities to build awareness of the benefits of reproductive healthcare and deliver the right services to those who need them most. And with access to reproductive choice, women have the autonomy to help lead change in their own communities, like improving education and social services.

4 We help countries improve access to reproductive healthcare

We partner with governments to remove barriers, changing more than ten policies or laws on average every year to expand access to sexual and reproductive health and rights. We also partner with national governments to put these changes into action and improve reproductive healthcare services.

5 We’re building a more equal world

Our impact is bigger than the sum of its parts. By reducing the number of pregnancy-related deaths and supporting access to girls’ education and women’s economic empowerment, we’re building a more gender equal world, fast-tracking sustainable development goals, and shifting cultural norms to allow people to determine their own futures. Investing in reproductive healthcare is proven to be a development best-buy, with priceless outcomes. Our work is transforming lives one by one and transforming society day by day.

We supported Maureen's choices

Over 35 million people around the world are currently using contraception provided by MSI. Maureen is one of them. She accessed contraception in one of MSI Zambia’s mobile caravans that travel directly into communities to provide reproductive healthcare. She chose an IUD because she wanted to complete her education. “If it was not for the IUD, I might have dropped out of school due to unwanted pregnancy,” Maureen told us.

"Young people have big dreams ahead of them. With contraception, they can achieve their goals."

Travelling across rivers, deserts, and mountains to deliver reproductive healthcare

In a single year, our teams travelled an estimated 13 million kms—the same as going to the moon and back 15 times—to reach clients in some of the world’s most remote and under-resourced areas. 

Some people can’t reach a healthcare facility. That’s why our 400 outreach teams drive, fly, sail or trek to rural and hard-to-reach villages, providing life-changing reproductive options. 

We’re delivering equitable access at scale — over 70% of our contraceptive services were delivered in underserved communities. In the past five years we’ve reached more than 113 million people with our services, and that number rises each day, as our teams reach more and more remote places, transforming lives. 

A key part of our global strategy is to leave no one behind, and our outreach services are making that a reality. 

Watch the video below to see how we're reaching communities in Nigeria. 

MSI provider is helping a young woman sitting on a bed

Since 2017, MSI has saved the lives of more than 210,000 women and girls

Help transform future lives with us

With more than 250 million people with no access to modern contraception, and 35 million women resorting to an unsafe abortion every year, our work is far from complete. 

We need partnership and action today to deliver choice to everyone, everywhere. 

It only costs £6 per year for us to provide someone with life-changing reproductive healthcare, giving them the power to decide if or when to become pregnant. Your donation can help girls stay in school, support women to lead, and help build a better world.     

More on MSI’s impact

We’re working towards a world where everyone can access reproductive choice. Keep reading for more information on our impact and how you can help support this work.

A Zambia team member standing in front of an MSI outreach vehicle

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Support future reproductive choice

Each and every one of us can invest in a better world. Your donation will help provide a woman or young person with the reproductive choices that are right for them.