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    We believe that we should be held accountable for the impact that our work has, not simply the amount of work that we do.

    That’s why we have developed Impact 2, an innovative socio-demographic mathematical model that allows us to estimate the impact of our work, and the wider social and economic benefits of offering access to contraception and safe abortion.

    We have made this tool available for download. Submit the form to download the latest version of the model. Please read Terms and Conditions below.

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      Terms and conditions

      Impact 2 has been created and copyrighted by MSI Reproductive Choices. The model has been
      developed to assist the health and development sectors to estimate the impact of reproductive health
      interventions. We hope this will be widely used and therefore it is free and publicly available for non-commercial use. Commercial use and modifications of the tool are prohibited without prior written consent from MSI. Any results from the model must be cited with “Impact 2, MSI, 2023” as the source. In addition, results must be presented as estimates only. While MSI has taken all reasonable measures to ensure all calculations and information in the model are correct, MSI takes no responsibility for results obtained by other users.

      * Updated August 2023: Impact 2 been updated with the latest and best data from the sector. There have been no methodological changes. To find out more about the changes in this latest version of Impact 2 (2.6), download our summary of changes. Results from this updated version of Impact 2 cannot be compared to results from previous versions of the model due to changes in data. We encourage you to use the updated version (August 2023), and recalculate all past and future results based on this version of Impact 2.

      Find out more about the Impact 2 model

      Download additional supporting materials to learn more, or contact us for more information.