Choice in a Digital Age – our 3 commitments

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Our 2030 vision is bold: no abortion will be unsafe, and everyone who wants access to contraception will have it.

To achieve this, we need to innovate to improve access and client experience, meeting the changing needs of those we serve. Digital technology will play a critical role in making this happen, so in our new digital strategy, we outline how we will turn this 2030 vision into a reality, with digital. 

Introducing: Choice in a Digital Age, our new Digital and Technology Strategy

In our new digital strategy, we’ve made three key commitments:

1. Create an engaging and empowering client experience

Globally, we believe we have a significant opportunity to strengthen the experience of our clients worldwide with digital technology.

Clients are increasingly seeking information and getting in touch via digital channels. Across our global network of contact centres, where we support roughly 7,000 clients daily, we’ve seen a rapid change in how clients are accessing information about sexual and reproductive healthcare and services: 40% of incoming enquiries are now via social media messages vs. 26% last year. Meanwhile, with 70,000 people visiting our service websites and over 1.5 million users across our social media platforms, we have seen a rise in people accessing information and services online.

With our client exit interviews revealing that the majority of our clients – even in rural areas – now have access to a mobile phone, we know there is a real opportunity to use digital technology to increase the reach of accurate, unbiased information. We will continue to focus on digital channels to deliver the information that empowers clients to make informed choices, whether that’s to access a quality self-care option, visit a clinic for a face-to-face service, or receive a telemedicine consultation for remote care.

Vitally, we believe no client should be more than one contact away from a safe product or service. To connect clients with their closest service or product, we will map high-quality public and private providers in the countries we operate across. This will enable clients to find the safe option that best suits their needs. And to ensure we are delivering services that are client-centred, we will use digital to improve how we capture and use feedback, using our clients’ insights to continually drive improvements in our services.

2. Support and equip our teams to deliver our mission

MSI delivers high-quality sexual and reproductive healthcare services to around 1 million clients every month. It is vital we equip our clinical and support teams with the digital technology they need to ensure operational efficiency and world-class clinical safety.

To put it simply, this means ensuring our staff can more easily capture, share and store information, and access the insights and analytics needed to make timely evidence-based decisions, while ensuring our data is protected and secure. This will involve improving and integrating the systems our team use, reducing administrative burdens and increasing scale, while maintaining quality.

Vitally, we’ll support our country programme teams to develop more digital skills and embrace new technologies. This will require new online and offline learning opportunities across the partnership and our commitment to ensuring our technology team is representative of the clients we serve, both in location and gender.

3. Collaborate and partner for health systems impact

A Service Provider, talks to a group of women at Nampundwe Health Centre.

Finally, we know that it will only be possible to secure universal access to contraception and safe abortion with improved partnership and collaboration.

To support this, we will leverage the opportunities provided by digital and technology to share our own data and expertise, and to learn from and partner with others. For example, we will expand our work with governments and partners to help them get more out of their data and improve our ability to integrate our data with the wider healthcare sector.

We will champion the exchange of innovations, insights and learnings, by being an active member of the digital community, learning from others and creating opportunities to work with those who share our mission of delivering reproductive choice to all.

Through the implementation of our digital strategy, we will unite healthcare provision with digital innovation to empower women and girls everywhere to choose the life they want.

We welcome others to be part of it – please get in touch on

If you’d like to read our full digital strategy, you can download it via our resource section.



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