Every Stage of Woman: Providing Advice and Care throughout women’s lives

Impact   |   7 June 2024   |   2 min read



Throughout women’s lives, their bodies undergo constant change. With stigma around women’s health and a lack of accurate information, women can be denied information and choices around their healthcare, which can lead to confusion and anxiety, and even to dangerous or ineffective treatments.

In 2021, MSI made the decision to start evolving our service offering in our clinics to support a wider range of women’s health needs, beyond contraception, abortion and life-saving post-abortion care.

MSI expanded our services to offer a wider range of reproductive healthcare, from menstruation counselling and STI screening and treatment, to antenatal care, cervical cancer screening and treatment, and fertility and menopause support. We accompanied these new services with engaging, easy-to-understand information online, covering key women’s health topics, and through phone and social messaging in our 34 contact centres.

This was supported by the award-winning “Every Stage of Woman” campaign, highlighting the need for advice and support throughout women’s life stages, which was piloted in Ghana and is now rolling out across 15 countries. The campaign is raising awareness of a variety of women’s health issues and engaging governments and other stakeholders to consider the importance of supporting women to thrive throughout their lives.



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