MSI Ghana and Grace Health partner to support women’s choices

Digital­­ health   |   29 March 2023   |   2 min read



MSI Reproductive Choices is proud to announce a new partnership with Grace Health, supporting women and girls in Ghana to manage their reproductive healthcare on their terms.

With over 1.3 million users in Sub-Saharan Africa, Grace Health is the leading women’s health platform on the African continent, allowing women to track and monitor their reproductive healthcare, and access telehealth and in-person care at over 500 clinics.

Through their app, Grace Health has identified that many users have concerns around contraceptive use, often rooted in myths and misconceptions. To debunk these myths, MSI and Grace Health have teamed up on an in-app content plan, focused on users in Ghana. 

With an estimated 2.7 million women in Ghana who want to be using contraception but have no access, the need to build awareness and remove barriers—from cultural taboos to misinformation on side effects—is clear. As a global reproductive healthcare provider, MSI Reproductive Choices is supporting Grace Health to do so, with co-developed in-app content and a bi-weekly ‘Ask me anything’ with a member of MSI’s medical team.  

Through the partnership, we aim to reach over 300,000 women in Ghana, building awareness of their sexual and reproductive health and rights. The Grace Health app will then signpost users to MSI’s contact centre, who can advise and refer clients to their nearest MSI clinic for services. By tracking users all the way to service uptake, both organisations can better learn what works to support women and continuously improve content and support. 

Crucially, as a low-data use app, Grace Health is accessible in settings where other healthcare apps would be impractical, so we’re confident this partnership will support MSI’s goal to leave no one behind in sexual and reproductive healthcare. 

We are proud to launch this timely programme, ensuring everyone can access quality services and make decisions about their bodies, health, and futures.



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