Decriminalising choice: The journey in New South Wales

Policy and advocacy   |   9 October 2019   |   1 min read



Last month, after a marathon 70 hours of debate in parliament, the state of New South Wales, Australia, voted to decriminalise abortion.

In this episode of Curious Minds, MSI’s Liz Walden, Head of Internal Communications, speaks to Jacquie O’Brien, Director of Public Affairs and Policy at MSI Australia, about what the decision to decriminalise abortion in the state means for reproductive rights in Australia, MSI’s role in passing this bill, and what obstacles had to be overcome to make this happen​.

What is Curious Minds?

Curious Minds is a podcast for MSI which will look at the bigger issues surrounding and influencing sexual and reproductive health and rights with team members from MSI and experts from outside. We’ll be examining issues​ from the language we use around abortion to the climate crisis and what it means for our work.​

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