Technical Note for MSI’s Impact Investment Calculator

Impact   |   1 December 2023 



MSI’s Impact Investment Calculator allows people to estimate the impact that investing a specified amount of money will achieve within MSI’s service delivery programmes. This technical note details how the impact is calculated.

The data in MSI’ Impact Investment Calculator include the impact generated through services provided by MSI’s outreach and public sector strengthening channels, and the actual cost associated with delivering these services. Impact estimates are calculated using MSI’s Impact 2 tool – a peer reviewed tool that is widely used by the SRHR community to model projected health, demographic and economic impact. This allows the calculation of unit cost per impact measure and therefore enables anyone to estimate the impact derived from any amount of money they want to invest.

The unit cost per impact methodology was used to estimate people reached with sexual and reproductive health services, couple years of protection (CYPs generated) and adolescents reached. The tool also leverages the results from MSI’s annual Client Exit Interview for 2022 to estimate the demographics of clients reached including the proportion likely to be living in poverty as measured through the OPHI approved Multi-Dimensional Poverty Index, and the proportion of adolescent clients continuing their education.

Additional methodological notes and assumptions for specific indicators include:

  • Total costs saved (direct + indirect) through sexual and reproductive healthcare is sourced from the Copenhagen Consensus, as their analysis indicates that for each dollar spent on SRHR, $120 would be saved.
  • People prevented from falling further into poverty assumes that for each client served that is living in poverty, 5 people will be prevented from falling further into poverty based on the average number of children per client plus their spouse. This comes from our client exit interview, which shows that the majority of women we serve are married and have at least 3 children.
  • When selecting to support school-age girls and young women it is assumed that all funding entered by the user will only be spent on reaching this demographic of client. This includes the additional costs of bespoke training and demand generation required to effectively reach adolescent clients.
  • When selecting to support access to abortion it is assumed all funding entered by the user will only be spent on activities associated with comprehensive abortion care services.

More information on MSI’s Impact2 tool can be found in our technical expertise section. At the time of publishing, the Impact and Investment Tool uses Impact 2 Version 5, however Version 6 will be utilised in future iterations of the tool.

Please note that MSI’s Impact Investment Calculator derives impact estimates exclusively from MSI-specific service data and the actual operational costs of MSI Outreach and Public Sector Strengthening channels. As a result, MSI’s Impact Investment Calculator diverges from Guttmacher’s Family Planning Investment Calculator, which provides estimates based on modelled data from Guttmacher’s Adding It Up 2019 report. Due to the different data sets, estimates from MSI’s Impact Investment Calculator and Guttmacher’s Family Planning Investment Calculator should not be compared.



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