Webinar: Respectful Maternity Care

Quality   |   13 February 2024   |   1 min read



MSI has maternity centres in 7 countries: Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Kenya, Yemen, Tanzania, Uganda and Madagascar. When a woman comes into an MSI maternity, we want to ensure she has a safe and positive experience.

While MSI’s staff are already committed to providing a safe experience for women, our unique new Respectful Maternity Care training encourages medical providers to put themselves in our clients’ shoes.

On 8 February 2024, we hosted a webinar to explore our approach to Respectful Maternity Care and share the impact of our new training package.

We discussed what respectful care means in practice, and how training supports providers in ensuring a more positive experience. We heard from several of our maternity care providers, who gave us first-hand examples of how our training has improved their own practices and improved the care that we provide.

Watch the recording of the webinar below.



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