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Global Declaration on Abortion

Tuesday 12 November 2019 MSI Reproductive Choices Safe abortion and post abortion care, Policy and advocacy

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This joint declaration on abortion for the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25 (November 12-14, 2019) was developed by the Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW), Center for Reproductive Rights, CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality, Ipas, Marie Stopes International, Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Justice (RESURJ), SPECTRA and Vecinas Feministas por la Justicia Sexual y Reproductiva de America Latina y el Caribe. Safe abortion is critical to the comprehensive sexual and reproductive health and rights commitments of the International Conference on Population and Development, and the continued commitments following ICPD+25. 


Over the last 25 years, governments, health providers and civil society have taken major steps to advance women’s and girls’ sexual and reproductive rights, in line with international human rights standards and public health guidance, including liberalizing abortion laws in over 50 countries. In addition, medical abortion has revolutionized access and improved safety of abortion around the world.

Yet more must be done. Of the 56 million abortions that happen each year, 25 million are unsafe with a resulting 44,000 women and girls dying—roughly 8 percent of all global maternal deaths—and 7 million more women in developing countries suffering serious, often permanent, injuries. The vast majority of these deaths and injuries are preventable and occur where laws are most restrictive. Evidence shows that restricting access to abortion does not decrease women seeking abortion, it only makes it less safe, especially for the poorest and most vulnerable women and girls. The Sustainable Development Goals will not be met if access to safe abortion care is not urgently addressed.

We therefore urge governments, UN agencies, civil society organizations, health providers, the private sector and the donor community to:

  • Make abortion, including abortion self-care, safe, legal, available, accessible and affordable by eliminating all laws and policies that restrict or criminalize access.
  • Ensure that universal health coverage integrates–and makes accessible and affordable–an essential package of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information, and services, including abortion, post-abortion and contraception, into national strategies, budgets and programs.
  • Provide children and young people—both in and out of school—with comprehensive sexuality education that supports their right to informed choice and autonomy, including evidence-based information on contraception and abortion, and connects them with sexual and reproductive health services that are free, accessible, age-responsive, nondiscriminatory, and do not require third-party authorization.
  • Increase access to early, quality medical abortion to make abortions safer, particularly in low-resource settings, by training providers at all levels, and by providing information, funding and resources for out of clinic access through hotlines, telemedicine and self-care referral systems.
  • Meet the sexual and reproductive health needs of marginalized groups such as young women, indigenous women, women with disabilities, unmarried women and girls, and trans men by addressing the multiple barriers that prevent them from accessing services, by training and sensitizing providers, and by designing intersectional interventions that address social, cultural and economic needs, and help to improve equity and ensure their access to contraception and abortion.
  • Promote gender equality and women’s and girls’ autonomy by implementing interventions at all levels to change harmful social and gender norms and stereotypes around sexuality, pregnancy and abortion; and by engaging partners, relatives and community members as supportive advocates for sexual and reproductive rights and abortion.
  • Provide comprehensive sexual and reproductive healthcare to those affected by sexual and gender- based violence, including access to emergency contraception, safe abortion services and psycho-social support as defined under CEDAW, ICCPR and CAT.
  • Guarantee sexual and reproductive health information and services, including comprehensive abortion care and contraception, in humanitarian settings, especially for all survivors of sexual and gender-based violence.



  1. Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada
  2. Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights
  3. Action Works Nepal
  4. ActionAid
  5. African Women Rising
  6. African Women's Development and Communication Network (FEMNET)
  7. African Youth Safe Abortion Alliance (AYOSA)
  8. Agrupación Ciudadana por la Despenalización del Aborto
  9. AIDOS - Italian Association for Women in Development
  10. Aidsfonds
  11. Akina Mama wa Afrika
  12. Albanian Center for Population and Development
  13. Alianza por la Solidaridad
  14. Alliance of Women Advocating for Change (AWAC)
  15. Allliance for Choice
  16. Amazone Advisors
  18. Amnesty International
  19. Área Salud, Economía y Sociedad, CEDES (Centro de Estudios de Estado y Sociedad)
  20. ARROW
  21. Articulación Feminista Marcosur
  22. ASFAMM-association pour la Sante des Femmes d’Afrique du Maghreb et du Moyen Orient
  23. Asociación Ciudadana ACCEDER
  24. Asociación Familia Sana
  25. Associação Moçambicana de Obstetras e Ginecologistas (AMOG)
  26. Association Congolaise pour les Droits et la Santé
  27. Association de Lutte contre les Violences faites aux Femmes
  29. Association européenne de la pensée libre AEPL-EU
  30. Association for Human Rights and Active Citizenship PaRiter
  31. Association for Human Rights and Citizen Participation PaRiter
  32. Association for Research and Social Innovation (ADT)
  33. Association of Belarusian Guides
  34. Association of Women of Ukraine «DIYA/ACTION»
  35. Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice
  36. August Vermeylenfonds
  37. Austrian Family Planning Association (Oegf)
  38. AwazCDS-Pakistan
  39. Balance Promoción para el Desarrollo y Juventud AC
  40. Balanced Stewardship Development Association (BALSDA)
  41. Balay Alternative Legal Advocates for Development in Mindanaw, Inc.
  42. Belarusian Organization of Working Women
  43. Beyond Beijing Committee (BBC) Nepal
  44. Bixby Program in Population and Reproductive Health at UCLA
  45. BLAST
  46. Bori se ženski! (Бори се женски!)
  47. Borisov women social public association "Provincia"
  48. British Society of Abortion Care Providers
  49. Business women club Southwest Pinsk
  50. Catholics for Choice
  51. Católicas pelo Direito de Decidir
  52. Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir Perú
  53. Center "Women's perspectives"
  54. Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD)
  55. Center for Reproductive Health Training (CIRHT)
  56. Center for Reproductive Rights
  57. Center Women and Modern World
  58. Centre d'Action Laïque
  59. Centre d'Initiatives et d'Actions pour le Développement durable au Burundi (CIAD Burundi)
  60. Centre for Girls and Interaction (CEGI)
  61. Centre for Solutions Journalism - Malawi
  62. Centre for Youth Empowerment and Civic Education (CYECE)
  63. Centre Ombre de la Femme du Burundi
  64. Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales
  65. Centro de Estudios y Capacitación Familiar (CEFA)
  66. Centro de Investigación Epidemiológica en Salud Sexual y Reproductiva
  67. Centro de Promoción de la Mujer Micaela Bastidas - Trujillo
  68. Chambre Transversale des Jeunes Entrepreneurs du Burundi
  69. CHANGE
  70. Chipembere Community Development Oreganisation
  71. CHOICE for Youth and Sexuality
  72. Clopsy
  73. Coalition for Prevention of Unsafe Abortion
  75. Colectiva Feminista MAPAS
  76. Colectiva Matria
  77. Colectivo por la Igualdad De Género Piura
  78. Colectivo Rebeldía
  79. Colectivo Sonqo Warmi Cusco
  81. Collective for Social Science Research
  82. Comité de América Latina y el Caribe para la Defensa de los Derechos de las Mujeres (CLADEM)
  83. Comité de América Latina y el Caribe para la Defensa de los Derechos de las Mujeres, CLADEM – Bolivia
  84. Comité de América Latina y el Caribe para la Defensa de los Derechos de las Mujeres, CLADEM – Perú
  85. Community Initiative for Social Empowerment (CISE Malawi)
  86. Community Youth Development Foundation
  87. Concept Foundation
  89. Coordinadora de la Mujer
  90. Coordination française pour le Lobby Européen des Femmes
  91. COPUA
  92. Corporación Casa de la Mujer
  93. CREA
  94. Critical Studies in Sexualities and Reproduction, Rhodes University
  95. Dance4Life
  96. DAWN (Development Alternatives with Women for a New Era)
  97. De Maakbare Mens
  100. Department of Health
  101. Development and Relief Solutions - DRESO
  102. Deverlanges Blandine
  103. DKT International FWACA
  104. DKT WomanCare Global
  105. Dynamic Femmes
  106. Educating Girls and Young Women for Development (EGYD)
  107. Ehsas Films Project
  108. ELA - Equipo Latinoamericano de Justicia y Género
  109. Ella vzw
  110. Emthonjeni
  111. EngenderHealth
  112. Equality Fund
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  114. Equipop
  115. Eugene Environmental FilmFestival
  116. European College of Liberal Arts in Belarus (ECLAB,
  117. Eyala
  118. Fabs organization
  119. Facultad de Psicología UMSNH
  120. Family Health Options Kenya
  121. Family planning Association of Nepal, palpa branch
  122. Federación Planificación Familiar Estatal
  123. Federation for Women and Family Planning
  124. Federation of Women Lawyers-FIDA Kenya
  125. Feminism UA
  126. Fiji Women's Rights Movement (FWRM)
  127. FOKUS - Forum for Women and Development
  129. Fondo de Aborto para la Justicia Social MARIA
  130. Fonds d'Entraide Georges Beernaerts / Onderling Steunfonds Georges Beernaerts
  131. Fonds Lucien De Coninck
  132. Food and Rural Development Foundation
  133. Foro Regional por los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos de Arequipa
  134. Fundación Arcoiris por el Respeto a la Diversidad Sexual
  135. Fundación ESAR
  136. Fundación Mexicana para la Planeación Familiar, AC MEXFAM
  137. Fundación para Estudio e Investigación de la Mujer (FEIM)
  138. Fundación Si Mujer
  139. Furia vzw
  140. Gender-Centru
  141. Genderise
  142. Generation Initiative for Women and Youths Network (GIWYN)
  143. Girls Go Green Initiative
  144. Global Coalition of Women Against AIDS in Uganda (GCOWAU)
  145. Golden Centre for Women's Rights Uganda
  146. Governance Links
  147. Gracious Foundation in Uganda
  148. GROOTS Kenya(Grassroots Organizations Operating Together in Sisterhood)
  149. Groupement des femmes vivant avec le VIH, GFV-VIH
  150. Guttmacher Institute
  151. Hábitat Mujer Salud
  152. Hablemos de Derechos Humanos
  153. Hand in Hand with Educated and Labour People (HHELp)
  154. Haurralde Fundazioa
  155. Health Development Initiative (HDI)
  156. Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia
  157. HERA (Health Education and Research Association) Macedonia
  158. Hidden Pockets Collective
  159. Hivos
  160. Human  Rights Law Network
  161. Humanistisch Verbond
  162. Humanists International
  163. Humanists UK
  164. Humanity Diaspo
  165. Ibis Reproductive Health
  166. ICRHM (Centro Internacional para Saúde Reprodutiva)
  167. ICW Latina Comunidad Internacional de Mujeres viviendo con VIH
  168. ILGA World
  169. ILS Law College
  170. Informational Legal Centre "VIALEX"
  171. Insight Public Organization
  172. Instituto de Salud Popular (INSAP)
  173. Instituto Feminista Nísia Floresta
  174. International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion
  175. International Federation of Business and Professional Women
  176. International Federation of Medical Students' Associations
  177. International Planned Parenthood Federation
  178. International Planned Parenthood Federation - Western Hemisphere (IPPF-WHR)
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  180. International Women’s Health Coalition
  181. International Youth Alliance for Family Planning (IYAFP)
  182. International Youth Alliance for Family Planning Uganda
  183. Ipas
  184. Irshad Ahmed Junejo
  185. Julius Vuylstekefonds
  186. Justice and Rights Institute-Nepal (JuRI-Nepal)
  187. Kenya Human Rights Commission
  188. Kijiji Afrika
  189. Kuza Livelihood Improvement Projects
  190. Kyrgyz Family Planning Alliance (KFPA)
  191. La Cadejos - Comunicación Feminista
  192. La Mujer en Africa Austral Mozambique (WLSAMOZ em ingles)
  193. Latin American and Caribbean Women's Health Network
  194. Le Planning Familial
  195. LeadAfrica
  196. LGBTI Support Center
  197. Ligue pour la solidarité congolaise
  198. Local Democracy Agency Mostar
  199. London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign
  200. Love Matters India
  201. LUNA vzw
  203. Marie Stopes International
  204. Materské centeum Slniečko
  205. Mauritius Council of Social Service
  206. Médecins du monde France
  207. Medecins Sans Frontieres/ Kirketon Road Centre
  208. Medical Rights Watch
  209. Medical Student for Choice Malawi Chapter
  210. Medical Students for Choice
  211. MenEngage Global Alliance
  212. Moldovan A.O. Liceum
  213. Movimiento Amplio de Mujeres de Puerto Rico (MAMPR)
  214. Movimiento Manuela Ramos
  215. Moyo the journalist
  216. Naguru Teenage Information and Health Center
  217. Nalane for Reproductive Justice
  218. Naripokkho
  219. Network for Adolescent and Youth of Africa
  220. Network for Building Peace
  221. NGO Center "RESONANCE"
  222. Non-commercial partnership " Woman today"
  223. Nyale Institute
  224. Observatorio de los Derechos Sexuales y Reproductivos de la Personas con Discapacidad, (ODISEX Perú)
  225. Office for European Expertise and Communications
  226. Organisation For Health in Substainble development (OHISD)
  227. OutRight Action International
  229. Partners in Sexual Health
  230. Pathfinder International
  231. People's Health Movement
  232. PIAI "Region 119"
  233. Plan International
  234. Planned Parenthood Global
  235. Plateforme RHRN SÉNÉGAL
  236. Population Connection Action Fund
  237. Population Services International
  238. Population, Health and Development Group (PHD Group)
  240. Private citizen of Australia
  241. Profamilia
  242. Prokiti Jubo Sangsad (Bangladesh Model Youth Parliment)
  243. Promundo-US
  244. Queer Youth Group
  245. Radanar Ayar Association
  246. Radha Paudel Foundation
  247. Red de Educación Popular entre Mujeres - REPEM
  248. Red de Mujeres por una Opinión Pública con Perspectiva de Género AC
  249. Red de Mujeres Trabajadoras Sexuales LAC (RedTraSex)
  250. Red de Salud de las Mujeres Latinoamericanas y del Caribe
  251. Red Latinoamericana y del Caribe Católicas por el Derecho a Decidir
  252. REDAAS - Red de Acceso al Aborto Seguro Argentina
  253. Reproductive Health Uganda
  254. Realizing Sexual and Reproductive Justice (RESURJ)
  255. Réussir l'Égalité Femmes-Hommes (REFH)
  256. RFSL, the Swedish Federation for LGBTQ Rights
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  258. Right Here Right Now
  259. RNW Media
  260. ROSHNI Foundation
  261. Rutgers
  262. SafeHands
  263. SAMSARA
  264. Sarajevo Open Centre
  265. SARChI Chair in Gender Politics
  266. School of Public Health, University of the Western Cape
  267. Sensoa
  268. Servicios Humanitarios en Salud Sexual y Reproductiva, ac
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  270. Sexual and Reproductive Rights Network
  271. SEXUAL HEALTH Switzerland
  272. Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Alliance Uganda
  273. SFBSP-Burundi(Solidarité des Femmes Burundaises pour le bien être et le progrès)
  274. Simavi
  275. Societatea de Planificare a Familiei din Moldova/Family Planning Association of Moldova
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  277. Solidarité des Femmes pour le Développement Intégral "SOFEDI"
  278. Solidarité des jeunes filles pour l'éducation et l'intégration socioprofessionnelle, SOJFEP
  279. Solidarité Femmes Burundaises pour le Bien Etre social et le Progrès au Buruni
  280. Sonke Gender Justice
  283. Space Allies
  284. SPECTRA
  285. SRJC
  286. Stella Network
  287. Sukaar welfare organization
  288. Surkuna - Centro de apoyo y protección de los derechos humanos
  289. Swaziland Women's Land Rights Alliance
  290. Swichi uganda
  291. Taller Salud
  292. TERRE DES JEUNES Du Burundi
  293. The AIDS and Rights Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA)
  294. The Community Health Rights Network (COHERINET)
  295. The Lotus Identity
  296. Tusitukirewamu Group Bwaise
  297. Udruženje "Ženska Vizija"  Association "Womens  Vision "
  298. Udruženje za društvena istraživanja i komunikacije (UDIK)
  299. Uganda Youth Alliance for Family Planning and Adolescent Health
  300. Uganda Youth and Adolescent Health Forum
  301. Uitstraling Permanente Vorming
  302. Ujala Network
  303. Ujima Doula Services
  304. unis pour le developpement  et la communication
  305. United for a Purpose Brigade (Up Brigade)
  306. Universidad Michoacana de San Nicolás de Hidalgo
  308. Universitair Centrum voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking (UCOS)
  309. University of Benin
  310. University of California Irvine/Independent
  311. UPV kern denderdstreek
  312. UŽ "SEKA" Goražde
  313. Väestöliitto - The Family Federation of Finland
  314. Vecinas Feministas por la Justicia Sexual y Reproductiva de America Latina y el Caribe
  315. Vishakha
  316. Vision Spring Initiatives
  317. Vrijzinnig Centrum De Fakkel
  318. Wanawake Wavuvi Kenya
  319. Woman Health & Family  Planning
  320. WomanHealth Philippines
  321. Women and Law in Southern Africa - Lesotho
  322. Women and Law in Southern Africa Research and Education Trust Malawi
  323. Women Deliver
  324. Women for Women's Human Rights - New ways
  325. Women Law and Development Association
  326. Women Spaces Africa
  327. Women Spaces Africa
  328. Women’s Probono Initiative (WPI)
  329. Women's Energy Club of Ukraine" (WECU)
  330. Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR)
  331. Women's Global Network for Reproductive Rights Africa (WGNRR AFRICA)
  332. Women's Initiatives Supporting Group
  333. Women's Legal Centre
  334. Women's March Global
  335. Women's Rights Center NGO
  336. World Health Organization
  337. WREPA
  338. YOSHAN
  339. YouAct - European Youth Network on Sexual and Reproductive Rights
  340. Young Feminists
  341. Young Men Engage For Equality 2030
  342. Young Women For Change
  343. Youth Action Movement
  344. Youth Changers Kenya
  345. Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights
  346. Youth for Change Action Group
  347. Youth Network for Community and Sustainable Development (YNCSD)
  348. Youth Nexus
  349. Youth Task Force
  350. Youth For Change Action Group
  351. YouthNet for Climate Justice
  352. Zamara Foundation
  354. Хмельницька обласна ГО Подільський центр "Гендерна рада"

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