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Marie Stopes UK comment on approval of telemedicine

Monday 30 March 2020 MSI Reproductive Choices UK Press release UK

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If you are covering the UK government’s decision to allow women to access early abortion care at home, you may find the following statement from Marie Stopes UK helpful.

Jonathan Lord, Medical Director for Marie Stopes UK said: 

“The government’s decision to allow women in England to take both sets of early medical abortion pills at home during the COVID-19 crisis, shows that they value both women’s health and that of hardworking abortion care staff, who have continued to deliver essential healthcare, despite a global health pandemic. We now stand in full solidarity with women and girls in Northern Ireland seeking the same protection.

“This would not have happened without such a mobilised and quick campaign from health experts, campaigners and journalists alike, that made it impossible for the government to deny the medical and moral force of the case for early abortion care at home.  

“By listening to expert clinical advice, the government has ensured that the next round of #ClapforCarers will be from the 200,000 women who need to access safe abortion services each year.”


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